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And may acquire sony gray from the oakland a's they're expecting a lot more than three porceedings of work and three rooms that's not going to cut now is this some sort of referendum on sunny grain the trade and whether eyes going to be successful yankee now get a bad start selling grace pitched wealthy yankee since coming over i feel good about him moving forward plenty of guys that bad stores in the postseason i watch chris get rocked by who sailed through venues disastrous but you need sony greatest step up because your bullpen was the point because of the calibre of your opponent and he failed to do so but it also doesn't help matters that the yankees get shut out and had three hits on it back and judge over four four strikeouts the gold sombrero the yankees go is there an jessica's a judge gave me an up and he had batch were not very good and a scary thing about the indians is that they could beat you in so many different ways starting pitching is stupendous their bullpen widow reliable andrew miller and cody alan is a lock down and they don't need to hit home runs to win and the you take about at the indians only had five hits and still scored four runs because they're going to take advantage via mistakes they're on the basis dora philatic dole while round the team it's why they made it to game 7 of the world series last year there are a better team this year they didn't win twenty two games that are obama stake the yankees have their hands full in this series that's all there is still it they are not the better team and now he's you look ahead to friday it'll be the best pitcher in yale corey gober taken on cc sabathia and cc sabathia who has reinvented himself as a pager is the guy that worth finished going back 2013 2014 he founded and how you look you take about stoppers on a yankee staff nobody and.

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