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When you have gone about building. Culture recruiting trying to retain employees and motivate. Your t of any philosophies really stood out to you. What are some of your biggest lessons learned there? Yes I have one of this now. I think probably the most leaders are this. I wear without team. There's nothing and so the motto at cast late has been one team on a mission. Making things happen so mission. Orientation is definitely a very big part of the culture at cast light and so every year at our holiday party specifically for my teams and now for the company. We've always talked about three questions that people ask Solace at the end of the year that I ask myself at the end of the year which is am. I doing something that's worth doing. So is this a fight worth fighting? Am I doing it with people that I love doing it with people? I respect that I learned from an and finally am I succeeding. And so we've talked about that a lot as a company of how can we make sure that every employee is able to answer yes to those questions? And because cast light has been. It's interesting to kind of talk about it as an older organization but you know it is a decade plus organization now which is older for digital health. And you know one of the things. I've talked a lot about is. How do we actually find joy in the journey? Because changing health care. Is You know a difficult. Non LINEAR PATH. And we have to be able to actually find the joy in the progress that we are making every day So that's something else that you know. We talk a lot about with the team and you know finally I would just say for us one of the words that we always hear oath from existing employs and exit interviews from everyone is is a Catholic is mission and then family. So that's something that we talk a lot about two and it's been interesting this year as we've opened our Salt Lake City office. One of the things. We want to be really intentional about. Is You know having that same culture in Salt Lake City and also ensuring that we've one of our values has always been diversity and inclusion and I think being really intentional to ensure that we have that same culture in Salt Lake City is really important in this year. That's exciting and with all that expansion. Are you able to balance personal life and Work Life Feel like they're just fully integrated at this point. Our you're approaching your mental health and having a personal life while being. Ceo A fast growing company. Yeah well I certainly I mean I guess my first answer would be. It's hard. I think that balancing work life and personal life is always a challenge. And I think I've gotten better as I've gotten older And so the biggest key for me honestly is that I have a deeply supportive husband. Who makes me better at my job and better at my life so. I think he's really been a phenomenal balance to me to ensure that I prioritize the right things that I would be the first to say that this is hard to do government Yeah that's the understatement of the century. So have there been any mentors or investors or partners or really anybody in the space that you feel like you've learned a lot from and if so what if some of those lessons phone absolutely I mean I've been lucky honestly my entire career to have great mentor. Starting at Bain working venture capital and then at castle it so I feel very fortunate that there is. I have a very large set of people that I call upon early and often to support me so some of the people that I would mention you know so our founder Giovanni Kalala has been incredibly impactful. Certainly to me and more broadly to the company he always talked about one of the lessons I took from him was that he wants cast light to be the best professional experience of your career and it certainly has been for me and I always think about. How do we actually do that for all of our employees? And how do we keep that alive at something? People say quite a bit at Catholic. So he's had a tremendous impact on me just in terms of starting the company and helping me think about culture as a defining trait now of the company. Not just something that's exists but something that you work on and is absolutely critical to your growth. I'm very fortunate to have a couple of board members particularly as I've stepped into the CEO role who have picked up every phone call and and deeply supportive and so really in different ways. Certainly helping me with recruiting and understanding how to make difficult decisions quickly and both of them have different skill sets so at park who founded Athena Health and as the CEO of devoted as technical and sales background. So He's been incredibly helpful to me and a lot of the work that I've done and then David Sanger who's been an investor for quite a period of time but really just has perspective on the overall industry so I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of people who have frankly created a Lotta time to help me. I think what's interesting to kind of focus on there is like if you're getting that type of great help and support from a collection of mentors like it's generally something that is earned over a period of this case a decade or more you know throughout your career. How do you think you went about kind of fostering dot trust and building those relationships so that when you did call people were excited to pick up the phone and keep helping you now? I think that it's probably. I'll speak to the set that I mentioned that I've really been related to cast light that we've been on this mission for so long and it's I sometimes refer to it as the 'cause you know it's just been I think that when people can see when your interest is so I don't WanNa say cure but is you know we've just got such a big problem that we're trying to solve and it's been difficult and there's been ups and downs but we've made a tremendous amount of progress and so you know it's never felt or Ben artificial in any interaction. It's always been genuinely. I have a problem to solve. I think you can help me. So you know. That's really the way that I've developed relationships has been just you know. It's typically with in the case of mentors people who care deeply about the same problem and therefore care deeply about helping you solve that problem so I think that's the core. I definitely have never felt like it's relationship building for the sake of relationship building. It's always you know we've been united in trying to bring our mission to life. Sure and for other CEOS executives news a lot of technical folks that. Listen to this podcast. Is there any advice? You have or folks that maybe want to pursue a similar path of getting into a great role in the company and rising through the ranks into a leadership position. I think that ultimately in terms of kind of expanding the role I think solveen and being willing to fight in the hardest problem so go where it's hard. I don't think it helps your work life balance. Always I think going where the fire is is generally kind of my number one advice and then in terms of as you step into new roles. You know I'll just speak to the experience of stuff into the CEO role. I really helped me. I had one hundred day plan and I really force ranked. What do I need to do and was really pretty obsessive? Frankly about looking and make sure that my time aligned on what most critical priorities were. I think there are so many stations to do things that you WanNa do and are great things to do but just frankly you can't afford to do and so having that hundred day list or one hundred day plan and that rent priority list and then really ensuring that how. You're spending your working hours alliance with that. I think has helped me really. I think demonstrate impact early unrolls which I believe is critical to then setting you up for success in them and then finally I would say you know to me as a manager. You're only as good as your team. People are everything and if you build a great team good things happen so putting in the time there I think similarly good teams don't just happen I mean how you recruit how you retain I certainly spend the majority of my time there so I think really having that understanding that you are. Your team is the thing that actually allowed me when I worked my time at Catholic. I mean that's why I'm where I am anyway. And when it comes to recruiting which your favorite way of getting a cold email or getting an introduction.

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