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Listeners <Speech_Male> are welcomed the gets <Speech_Male> complimentary <Speech_Male> and just go <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> Multiply <Speech_Male> your best clients <Speech_Male> DOT com. I <Speech_Male> mean who wouldn't want to <Speech_Male> multiply <Speech_Male> your best clients <Speech_Male> and multiply your best <Speech_Male> clients that common <Speech_Male> where things we're <Speech_Male> focusing on these days <Speech_Male> in my business is <Speech_Male> not just client <Speech_Male> multiplication <Speech_Male> but multiplying <Speech_Male> the best <Speech_Male> clients where we're going <Speech_Male> after quality <Speech_Male> not just <Speech_Male> quantity <Speech_Male> So that's <Speech_Male> one place <Speech_Male> And then referral <Speech_Male> coach Dot COM com <Speech_Male> forward slash <Speech_Male> resources <Speech_Male> Lot <Speech_Male> of free. Things <Speech_Male> ought to reports e guys <Speech_Male> checklists <Speech_Male> scripts <Speech_Male> big big <Speech_Male> on wordsmith thing. Big <Speech_Male> On helping people figure <Speech_Male> out the right words <Speech_Male> to say and <Speech_Male> then of course they <Speech_Male> can adapt it to their world <Speech_Male> but <Speech_Male> We have a lot of that <Speech_Male> referral coach Dot <Speech_Male> com <SpeakerChange> slash <Speech_Male> resources <Speech_Male> awesome mm-hmm <Speech_Male> and have all that <Speech_Male> information in shots <Speech_Male> so bill. <Speech_Male> Thank you again <Speech_Male> for all the awesome <Speech_Male> work that you're doing <Speech_Male> and and helping <Speech_Male> organizations <Speech_Male> and individuals <Speech_Male> really you connect <Speech_Male> their message <Speech_Male> to their <Speech_Male> client base in such <Speech_Male> a way that they are <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> More <SpeakerChange> successful <Silence> than they could ever imagine. <Speech_Male> Yeah <Speech_Male> thank you Michael. I appreciate <Speech_Male> the work you do win <Speech_Male> and trying to <Speech_Male> help people not be burned <Speech_Male> out and get a little more <Speech_Male> balance and <Speech_Male> and I love your blog <Speech_Male> post about the <Speech_Male> Your <Speech_Male> inner weekend <Speech_Male> You <Speech_Male> know had he gets to that <Speech_Male> place every <Speech_Male> day <Speech_Male> in in during <Speech_Male> the week right when all <Speech_Male> this adrenaline <Speech_Male> coursing through <Speech_Male> your body. And you're trying <Speech_Male> to grow your business and <Speech_Male> you want to go <Speech_Male> to the inner weekend. Where a <Speech_Male> you're on your hammocks so <Speech_Male> It's a nice <Speech_Male> perspective. I appreciate <Speech_Male> so I applaud. <SpeakerChange> You the work <Speech_Male> you're doing as well <Speech_Male> thank you very much. <Speech_Male> I really appreciate that. <Speech_Male> Thank you <Speech_Male> pay. It's Michael again. <Speech_Male> Thank you for listening to the <Speech_Male> PODCAST. I really <Speech_Male> appreciate it. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Surely many <Speech_Male> people you're dealing <Speech_Male> with some significant stress <Speech_Male> and possibly <Speech_Male> approaching burnt out. <Speech_Male> I know <Speech_Male> how you feel in two <Speech_Male> thousand. Nine burnout <Speech_Male> led to <Speech_Male> a year of worst case <Speech_Male> scenarios. <Speech_Male> Do

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