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But this guy took it to that second level, right? He put the time in for the joke. And said, when this is a general Phil helmet, we do this, right? That's the baseline joke, right? Yeah, right. The funny joke is taking up that next level and say that Phil helped me to do this, but it would only get a one armored pet. Right. He's singing the industry as well as the person. Yes. Exactly. It's a very well crafted teeth tweet. So very, very, very happy. It's like the Jordan rules, except they tell me. Yes, exactly. Somebody needs to write that book, the helmet rules. Rule number one. There probably will help me the rights that, you know. Rule number one, he sets the Geiger counter to ten. Helmut, what did you call it the hell you temper tantrum? Guide it down and what that counter? For the better thing. I got two shows left to come up with a better name for that. So I'll work on that. But I mean, you gotta love the title of the tournament. The goal dragon. That is awesome. Goes back to like that iron chef thing that you were talking about last week, right? Yes. That and he drops the like the octopus from this guy and yes. That's awesome. I just like how one hell docile. Japanese people are in this, we just mentioned. But then how intense they can get at the same time. I mean, they're just so creative. We don't. And they're docile the things that we get upset about. You know, if we had this tournament, it'd be called something like the American burnt hot dog. You know what I mean? If we tried to name stuff like this, you know. Yeah, but that's not a really good name 'cause you can't really over burn a hot dog. It always had those means of Facebook. Where do you like your hot dog, you know, one to 7, like 7 is like this charred black bricket and people are like, I want 8..

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