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Being diverted around the police investigation southbound traffic is getting by and fifty out of the bay bridge that runs without delay popular WTOP traffic will have temperatures tonight only falling into the mid to upper sixties so a mild night out there was scattered showers especially after midnight some heavy rain is also possible late background the I. eighty one corridor will have rain at times tomorrow but drawing time as well as we move toward the late afternoon and evening hours some downpours and thunderstorms are also possible with highs in the low to mid eighties and humid conditions as we look to Friday mid eighties will feel more like ninety degrees with the McGinnis more rain is likely on Friday mainly later in the day and once again downpours and thunderstorms are possible on Saturday some scattered lingering showers could impact the area especially through the midday hours otherwise we'll have some sunshine out there highs in the low to mid eighties still image humid lower humidity in low to mid seventies on Sunday and storm team four meteorologist Emily draper seventy four degrees in the nation's capital and dropping to the middle sixties in parts of our area late tonight eight thirty Baltimore Chesapeake division and WTOP's Washington's top news on air and online at WTOP dot com hello I'm Ginny's tree service we have a leash Abelson at the editor's desk and coming up tonight on WTOP restaurants can start offering outdoor dining in Maryland in a few days I'm Michelle bass nationally about a third of the world's coronavirus dancer here in the United States the death toll has.

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