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Don't know go. She with terrorists the cost you nine point five million or you can pay a bunch of slobs and figure out how to protect your system better pave some guy some bitcoin or sitting there with their mountain dew and their mom's basement somewhere or North Korea or in in the eastern, the former eastern bloc end, otherwise you're going to be in a situation where it's going to cost you a lot more money and time three degree five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. You can tweet at us. People are texting in about the academy. And. Asking me, am I gonna watch it. No. I don't watch any of these shows. I don't I don't watch any of these shows because I never did watch. Any of those shows I didn't watch the Super Bowl to watch the Super Bowl in a way, you should watch. This is that tribalism here I'm gonna wants to Super Bowl because a my teams are in it. I mean, you know, I mean, I grew up literally. Ten minutes from Anaheim stadium. Which is where the Rams played till they broke my heart. And I've always been a huge patriots fan. Even when they were awful long before Tom Brady, I forgot there. So yeah, I'm gonna watch it. And I just don't I don't care. I don't care the politics of I watched the game and watch the game. I don't go to the movies for the politics of the movie the movie to not have to think about this crap. But it's so funny to watch the way that people react towards I dare you talk about the Oscars nothing to watch it because I just I don't watch any of that crap. I can't even remember the last award show. I watched I was a kid. What was the one? That was Michael Jackson's the American music award when he did the moon walk. I think that that was twenty five Motown twenty-five that was even award show was that was just a celebration. God, I can't even I can't even remember the last time I can't three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three. At Chad Benson show Twitter. You can tweet at us. All right, butcher box tastes, great. Great for your tummy, great for your soul. Great for your tummy. Amazing..

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