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In Texas. Video posted to social media shows heavily damaged buildings and trees down mayor, Anthony Williams. There has been damage. We believe right now to run a hundred structures. The care in nursing home has been evacuated. He says shelters are being set up. Meanwhile damage was also reported in Arkansas, thousands are without power and flights were cancelled at the Dallas Fort Worth airport because of the storm, US officials and human rights groups, demanding a full investigation into the killing this week of a US citizen in Nicaragua as Maria Martin reports. Eddie Montus was arrested during anti-government protests and allegedly died at the hands of guards at a prison outside Managua one. This was forbidden. He got and raised in the US where he joined the navy. He later returned to state of land to study medicine and bought farmland to make us future there. He was arrested in October. During anti-government protests was jailed in low prison on Thursday. While the international Red Cross was visiting this died in a scuffle with guards. The government says they acted in self defense when this tried to take one of their guns seventeen other prisoners for reportedly wounded or tortured. The incident for NPR news. I'm money Martin in Australia. The pro-business ruling conservative coalition has prevailed in an election that prime minister Scott Morrison calls a'miracle as NPR's Julie McCarthy reports said indicated that the centre-left labour party was likely to win the labor party's leadership is under criticism for running would commentators called a campaign of class division. They say Australia's middle-class was worried about its jobs taxes in house prices. And rejected. Labor's drive for higher taxes for stronger social programs and its policies to combat climate change. Although more than sixty percent of voters identified climate change is the critical threat facing Australia voters in the country's mining regions appear to have rejected. Labor's green push the conservative ruling, coalition's victory was not resounding. However, it's poised to form a government that is barely majority. Julie McCarthy NPR news. War of will bounce back from a bumpy ride at the Kentucky Derby to win the Preakness stakes at Pimlico in Baltimore tonight, upsetting improbable that was the favorite horse to win the race. Today's race was filled with drama after bought express through his jockey. John Velazquez out of the starting gate and then finish the race without him technically, though, the horse, schizo did not finish. There was also chance of triple crowns, derby winner country house was pulled because his trainer said he had a cough. This is NPR from K Q, E news. I'm Jeremy Siegel, the controversy surrounding San Francisco. Police raid on journalist home and office is headed to court early next week, QB Sonia. Hudson reports officers raided Brian comedies home last Friday as part of an investigation into a leaked police report on the death of public defender, Jeff Adachi lawyer say the move likely violated state laws that protect your analyst from revealing their sources a group of first amendment advocates have filed a motion requesting. That the police application for the warrants be unsealed. David Snyder is executive director of the first amendment coalition documentary of public interest because so help to explain what happened here. How things went off the rails. Another motion filed by comedies attorney demands. Police return his belongings as chief William Scott has defended the raid and said his officers actions were legal. I'm Sonia Hansen eating in sports. The San Jose Sharks are trying to regroup after last night's two to one loss in Saint Louis in the NHL Western Conference finals, but there was some good news in San Jose sports today at the back post here comes across looking.

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