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I'm go allowed him. You're gonna go ladimir. Nwea tag team championship match. Aaron stevens and credos defend the titles against besta. Emec a wolf. Now you know ever since besta. Mecca have arrived in. Nwea they have been taking shots at the nwea tag vision right down to the point. They've been calling it a joke they have come to. Nwea looking for serious competition looking to take all the gold. They're pretty much starting with their eyes set on tag team gold. Meanwhile you look at what's been going on with aaron stevens in credos these guys. There is a deep. I won't say hatred because that's too strong of a word but there are some serious animosity. Dad's been brewing between these men And sadly we have not seen in up soda. Nwea power where these men have been able to really sit down hammer all this shit ow and try to get back on the same page. We really saw things magnify tremendously when the when the recent Champion series came about within w way and cradles was salty like mo fo when it came time for selections in stevens taryn. Terrell stayed in. Pick him so that just amplify things even more. You just can't help but wonder are things finally gonna come to a head for this tag team at. Nwea seventy three. And i say yeah. I say besta america are gonna be able to capitalize all hell is pretty much gonna break out whether it's on this pay per view between stevens and cradles or an fallout episode of nwea. Seventy-three warning w a power yet tick-tock. But i'm gonna say new. Nwea world tag champs gonna get crown besta in mecca. New tag champs. Meanwhile for the w a national championship james storms. James storm's going to be taken on champion. Chris a danis. This.

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