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I mean, those are the two options that you have. My guess is though, is that Bill Belichick probably thinks that wide receivers don't matter to a degree. And things that all of it's overrated. But I do think that in today's game you need to keep up a little bit. Sure. Yeah, and again, it's some of it's the way the board falls too, right? You know, just because you take a wide receiver in the first round, doesn't mean he's going to be that guy. Right. And I don't know what the momentum they built last year. I don't know that this team can afford another Nikhil Harry situation, where they can afford to miss. So let's say they like a lobby, they like Williams, those guys are gone. Should they force John Dodson if they don't believe in them? Just to get that guy. That's again, right? That's the benefit of the Devante Parker trade to me. Is that if you're not a 100% convinced that the guy that you have are thinking about taking is going to pan out for you and I know you're never a 100% convinced, but you know what I mean? If you're not really confident about it, now they don't have to reach on a wide receiver because they have enough NFL talent on the Ross or to not have to reach. But if Jameson Williams is there and Chris alava is there, if you get into the second round and you're on the clock at 54 and sky more is there or you feel great about John metchie and his health and his evaluation. Now you can find the right marriage between the board and what you're looking for and line those things up, but you got to take some stabs. You can't just sit back and not do not do it at all. It doesn't have to be in the first round, but you've got to start to take some bites at the apple here. So again, and I agree with you. But there's a fine line between that and it's just forced like picking players for the sake of picking them without going off the evaluation. That's why you get and I think day two early on day three is the spot to go. And for all of their issues with receivers, big picture, they've been okay with slot guys. Granted a lot of them were undrafted, but they Edelman's, I guess his own thing. If you want.

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