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Seven forty KCBS coming up on KCBS hurricane Florence downgraded now to a category two storm, but still considered extremely dangerous and life threatening an update from CBS news straight ahead. And I'm Rebecca chorale local scientist is glad the FDA has finally colleague out e cigarette makers for appealing to underage users. Good evening, I'm Larry Sharoni. KCBS news time eight thirty one the latest from CBS news CBS news update. North Carolinians getting ready ahead of hurricane Florence which has just been downgraded to a category two storm, but it's still poses a threat, which is why Michael Barbas of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is leaving talking about a whole lot of rain and flooding, and it's gonna break all the windows, and it's going to be frightening. Florence is now located three hundred twenty five miles east southeast of Myrtle Beach, and now has maximum winds of one hundred ten miles per hour. Meteorologist Meghan Glenrothes in North Carolina. We're talking about the potential for thirteen to fifteen foot storm surge when that floods over this entire area. It won't look the same. Once it receives back into the ocean. So we're essentially looking at a major situation, but now for a longer distance for the coastline, the Hurricane Center says the center of Florence will approach the coasts of north and South Carolina tomorrow and then move near or over the coast of southern North Carolina and eastern South Carolina into Friday CBS news update. I'm that piper. Meanwhile, the Hawaiian islands being hit by tropical. Storm olivia. Forecasters say the storm could dump five to ten inches of rain with some places getting as much as fifteen inches Maui. Mayor Alan are all Kawhi is urging residents Serta store drinking water and warned that they should plan for power outages landslides, high surf fallen trees and flooded roads, the massive efforts of the health community parents teachers lawmakers and the kids themselves paid off reducing tobacco use among teens by half in the past decade. But KCBS is Rebecca corral tells us now a tiny high-tech tool threatens to destroy all of that. No, more clouds of stinky, smoke and stained fingertips, no choking, when you inhale and delightfully cute flavors like popcorn mango and cotton candy have made e cigarettes the darling of the teen set we worked so hard to get kids to find smoking unsexy. And now this new product comes along that's reintroducing nicotine into the lungs of teenagers. UCSF professor pediatrics doctor Mark Rubinstein says e cigarette. Are so appealing to young people even low risk kids. The ones who normally wouldn't consider substance abuse are flocking to devices like the jewel, high tech and sexy and has fruit flavors like mango. So he's relieved the FDA is finally calling out e cigarette makers threatening to pull them off the market if they don't reduce underage use of the devices within sixty days, Dr Ruben says he realizes the Joel could be useful for adults trying to kick the habit, but there's a lot we just do not know about these products. We do know that he cigarettes in vaping are now more popular than smoking traditional cigarettes among teens, Rebecca chorale KCBS the much debated debate between California's gubernatorial candidates, John Cox and Gavin Newsom is finally happening Republican challenger and the democratic Lieutenant governor will face off on the morning of October eighth in the bay area, Mike Madrid and Republican strategist at the firm, grassroots lab tells Kennex are all news sister station. That Cox is probably fortunate. It to get Newsom to agree to even one debate. Yet. The reason why Gavin Newsom didn't wants to debate right? Somebody who's so far out front with so many institutional systemic advantages really can't be helped by debate. Like this John Cox courses asking for five for fifty debate. He's got to get in there. He's got an either way. So knockout punch, but he has to have the front loader. Stumble. Stumble pretty badly. The odds of that. Of course, are not very good Madrid expense Newsom to hang Donald Trump on John Cox early and often during the debate like many middle income workers. Teachers are finding it increasingly difficult if not impossible to afford to buy a home here in the bay area. KCBS has been reports. Some help is not coming from the bay area host committee for next year's college football playoffs at Levi stadium. Students and teachers had reason to cheer at oak grove high school where the forty Niners and the host committee for.

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