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And welcome back to groomer humor. Once again, we are your hosts I'm Rudy the along with my son, Anthony Ray, and as mentioned are very very special guest today is Rinaldo web founder of head plate. Thank you so much for being with us today. Rinaldo? Hey, how you guys doing? We're very very well. Thank you, man. Appreciate you coming on Renaldo. Let's get right into this. Because I want to know a little bit about you. Tell us a little about yourself. We know you're from New Orleans. You were raised by a single mom. Let's talk a little bit about that. Real quick. Yeah. You know, it'd be loved growing up in New Orleans amazing meeting experience, you know, one of the few unique places really really in the US if you guys act, Dan. Going up with great. I grew up sisters, and he put in a lot of energy and effort related kind of, you know, the never want for anything. I learned a lot from her job the years after living in New Orleans for a what the school up in Boston. What might be worth that? He says it was great very very challenging. And after a while when I realized I wasn't going all string theory. The job, and you know, over into consulting couple of big consulting firm McKinsey and Catterson to that. I spent a couple of years that and you know, they're I work a lot in factories. And you know, that really led me to you know, wanting to cook my dog Winston with Vinci. Let me lots of pets. But for me, it's really just been fun Dernie exploring and trying to always learn something new day. I can. Yeah. That's just a little bit about me. That's awesome. Rinaldi? I love that you, you know, you give props to your mom. I grew up with a single dad. I kinda I kinda can relate. So that you give props to your mom, so important. I feel I was hard to raise. Even imagine. I'm sure you are. But let's talk a little bit about that too late. What you're obviously an entrepreneur right now. You know, what advice can you give to a up and coming entrepreneur like yourself? Yeah. You know, I think a lot of it really just has to come to finding something that you believe and and really going after it very much, but I would have played found the base that I thought I could do a lot of good. If when I saw the pet be factory though, hoping and I really thought that there was a real food solution. I can different than the lives of a lot of parents. And that was something that I was able to rally behind. So I always all entrepreneurs that are thinking about launching something make sure you find something you're excited about because it's going to be hard, right? You're gonna fail. You know, hundreds thousands of times and the failure daily, and you know, always good to be able to make sure that you can fall back on a on a mission and. Innovation you're excited about. And then I would also say, you know, really make sure that you have your mentor. I think you know, I again, when when my learning do always learned the hard way, you know, there's so much that you don't know. And I also like to say like most people know that there's an lobby, but then they don't know all the stuff that they don't know that they should know. And that's where I feel mentor. It's going to really come into play in economic just set you up. Right. I find so many times entrepreneur it's kind of pride. You know? I've been talked about. Yup. But you know, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel where people can help you. And where people are willing to help you say that kind of you know, just to two little nuggets that we could talk about this for hours, probably know. Yeah. I wish I knew. But it's beautiful because you have such great insight because you're going through it as well. And I I don't think that entrepreneurs ever stop going through it. It's kind of just a constant journey. So it's one thing that we love about you, again, we're just so happy to have you on the show. So I gotta be honest with you Renaldo, I'm looking at the brochures, and I've seen the food on YouTube and everything and it looks so good. I feel like breaking out with with a fork and spoon and digging in myself, honestly, like crackers with this because it looks. So tempting so let's talk a little bit about the food. The one thing I love about it is grain free, right? I yeah. I think we have a variety of different options. Okay. Yeah. Just for the people that you know, you haven't heard of before where queuing great delivery service. Imagine a prequel blue apron that gets delivered to your door dog. And hopefully, very soon we'll have to maybe as any question it being rain-free. That's we have four different options right now. So for dogs. Definitely need a grain diet currently up two options. Available a beef and Turkish, and then, you know, we have also a chicken dish. It doesn't have any grain as well. And then our lamb dish has keen wine it, and you know, we're always going to be launching new meals and entertaining hitting we offer. So we just wanna make sure that we have something for everybody. There. The weather. Your dog has your allergies or the picky eater as stomach? They're really trying to make sure that we have a formulation out there that will work for you. That's amazing. Yeah. It's definitely intriguing and we love it. Do you find that with the ongoing obesity problem that we're having with our pets? Are you finding with your product is a healthy option. Yeah. And a huge issue right with I believe sixty percent of dogs in America being overweight or obese Napley probably about the thing for cats. It's using them. When you start looking at other elements is associated with that such as like, diabetes, right? It just it can really be updating problem. You think about you know, just the that Bill better so shaded with those. But you know, we really liked approach it from a couple of different ways. One it using high-quality ingredients with ingredients that we use. We don't use any seller. And that make sure that is actually they guessing all all the food. And it's really using all traits that we're providing and I think that's really important. You know, just like you are what you put in. And if you're putting in junk chuckle, you're not gonna get out. But I think the bigger portion of it is that we portion all of our meal. In that based on the way by a dog when you hop on on our website. You know, you talk a little bit about up, and then from now we can understand how many powers per day that they need. And I think that's a big, you know, all that happened. And it was other product weather kickball or wet food you go out and you buy this giant bag, and it's really unclear how much you're supposed to feed your dog. Right. And you know, if your dog's love food, you want to.

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