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Come Arizona's Morning news. The valleys on Lee all news morning show 6 54 now 68 degrees in Cave Creek. I'm Jamie West. Mesa is using some flowers to be more inclusive, the city's Allison Brooks says. Green lanyards or bracelets with some flowers of being provided to visitors with hidden disabilities. What is a hidden disability to 20% of Americans have ahead and disability and there are lots of them. Some examples could be like PTSD or hearing loss or chronic pain. Brooke says many hospitality workers around the city are now trained to recognize these subtle sunflowers and know that this means these individuals may need a little extra help. At times, Arizona parents of Children with disabilities are calling for more funding from state lawmakers. As budget talks continue. At the state Capitol, parents of Children with disabilities organized a zoom meeting yesterday to talk about the extreme underfunding of special education and the division of developmental disabilities. This is an annual budget shortfall of $150 million DVD and Arizona. Early intervention is also under funded at 14.3 million every single year. That's Michelle Thorne, a mother of two Children with autism and an advocate for better funding, she says. While this year's funding does add more than $15 million to the D d d budget, it still leaves a large deficit that short changing Arizona's most vulnerable. Taylor Kinter up Katya. Our news Way, talked him out of wanting to use the Commodores song sale on But that's what deterred Anne's talking about this morning from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic.

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