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Beauce and rape is vengeance the motivation i would rather spend this energy on prevention of future crimes do you think the problem with judge persky was that he was not ally tori lee sensitive like honestly is that the source of his insensitivity in the sentencing of course it isn't that's not the problem the problem is that he is a male inside a patriarchal system with a lot of amount of privilege as a judge like that's like a kick in amount is not gonna fix the problem that caused his insensitivity and tonedeaf remarks like that's again that you're it's sort of like the conversation we're having about harvard like blaming the petri dish went that will that's the can get rid of the petri dish so it's going to grow somewhere else like it's going to have the same problem we're in a different pair pants because this is that he is not the problem he is a manifestation of the problem and i don't think electoral rss responsiveness is going to fix the problem of patriarchy in the judiciary like more female judges will i guess you could get rid of him an elect female judgment opposed to that but i dunno i just think that that is a problematic approach to viewing like why he made those comments and it's kind of the same thing it's the other side of the coin from the discussion which is hot about judge aqua lena in the nasser hearing so she had all this discussion and used it to make her court ram a forum on harassment and abuse of children and bringing all these issues to light his courtroom wasn't used that way they both have that discretion and we need to protect that discretion around our judges i think because if we further politicise our court system we will not like the results we don't like the results happening from our very politicised congress and it's supposed to be politicize i guarantee that we won't like the results from it from further politicizing our core aims this came from slate you know which is not known as like a bastion of conservative thought and i thought that it was really important we already know that judicial elections have pernicious effects on the administration of justice a famous.

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