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From NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. Talks between congressional leadership staff and White House officials continued on Sunday. But there are no signs that they are closer to a deal to end a partial government shutdown NPR, Shannon. Vance Vanson has more President Trump tweeted that vice president Pence is meeting with congressional leadership. Staff was productive and that many details of border security were disguised. He said they are now planning to construct a steel rather than concrete barrier. Democrats say that White House officials failed to provide budget justification for the five point seven billion dollar wall requests during the meeting and pressed again for the government to reopen last week. Trump said the shutdown could go on for months or even years until he's able to reach a deal with the Democrats. He also threatened to declare a national emergency to force the construction of a wall, Shannon. Ben sent NPR news Washington. This is the. Seventeenth day of the government shutdown staffers are not at work at national parks around the country to pick up trash from member station. K Q E D, Michelle Wiley reports local leaders in San Francisco have started helping out San Francisco city employees are now cleaning some national parks as part of their regular route over the weekend. Volunteers and local congressional leaders. Also gathered to pick up trash, California representatives, Jared Huffman, and Jackie speier, say they plan to bring the trash they collected directly to the White House to send a message to the shutdown is having real world consequences, Michelle Wiley reporting national security adviser, John Bolton has appeared to contradict President Trump's declaration that all US troops would be home from Syria in weeks on a trip to Israel Bolton said that there's no immediate plan to pull the troops out of Syria. Bolton also says US troops will stay until Turkey promises it won't threaten US-backed. Kurdish fighters in Syria Turkey, declares them to be terrorists. Trade talk. Between Chinese and US officials have opened today in Beijing NPR's, rob Schmitz has more in American delegation of mid level. Trade officials have begun two days of talks with their counterparts in. Beijing w led by Geoffrey Garin, the deputy US trade Representative and David Malpass the Treasury Department's under-secretary for international affairs over the weekend. President Trump said on Twitter that trade talks with China going very well in that weakness in the Chinese economy is giving Beijing a reason to work toward a deal. Top administration officials are confident they have enough leverage to win significant changes, including an end to China's practice of forcing US companies to Hanover key technology in return for gaining access to China's market in an agreement to buy more products from the US if the talks are constructive is senior level delegation of Chinese officials is expected to travel to Washington within a few weeks. Rob Schmitz, NPR news Shanghai. On Wall Street, stocks are mixed. The Dow is down twenty five points. The NASDAQ is up twenty six you're listening to. To NPR news and from KCRW, I'm Cheri Glazer. We state and local headlines Hollywood's award season is off and running the Golden Globes were handed out last night in Beverly Hills, and the Freddie Mercury bio-pic bohemian rhapsody was named best movie drama and star Rami Malik won best actor for his portrayal of the frontman for the band Queen. Thank.

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