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Mariah how you feeling feeling hell. That's right just like last week. Yes and welcome to episode twelve of how we win. We are celebrating celebrating our election. Day Wins People like you stepped up to knock on doors make phone calls write letters. Donate money and we're not going to lie. It feels good as Al to get those winds spat that's right we showed trump and gop. The blue wave is only getting stronger so we can celebrate. But we can't stop and we want you to join the party today. We have a great conversation with the President and CO Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy Jennifer. EPS Addison. Jen's life's work is advancing campaigns for economic onomic and racial justice. She talks about how we can build lasting change by supporting the organisations were in the trenches of communities. Our political system often leaves behind. Then we'll get a field report from Kentucky and hear what flipping. The governor's mansion might mean for Mitch McConnell and the Republicans and Twenty Twenty I'm Steve Pearson Mariah Craven and this is how we win.

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