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But despite these efforts, nothing turns up the ride home is always really tough going home empty-handed. Two years pass. Dave sickle right as Laura's Sexton, tens pigs at her human Colorado. She's convinced another kind of swine as taken her daughter, but was Kelsey murdered, or could she somehow be alive. What if she is still out there, somewhere are stories about to take a dramatic turn to the east. This is Portsmouth, Ohio, a stone's throw from the Kentucky border. This former be packing up. Now, plagued by prescription. Drug abuse would seem to have nothing to do with the disappearance of Kelsey showing twelve hundred miles away in Colorado, but listen to this other story her to cover down that straight, come walking around the corner. Marcella Lancaster has never met Kelsey mom, Laura Sexton, but she knows all about her pain. He got it just like try to cry every day from my grandson, just two months after Kelsey shelling disappeared leaving behind no trace, but her abandoned car. A strikingly similar fate befell Marcellus twenty five year old daughter, Megan, she banished from Portsmouth also leaving behind no trace, but her abandoned car. At first glance, there are a lot of similarities between these two cases, which one conclude. That the same individual or group are involved in both of them. The Portsmouth police are drawing a blank, but Marcellin her family had been relentless in their certain and Irie tilling something. We're going to find something making sister-in-law, Katie runs point for the family. And so for more than three years, parallel family tragedies, playing out in separate time zones. Both families organizing searches, setting a Facebook pages to field leads and doing whatever they can to keep public attention on their respective cases. Many are not giving up on finding clues that could help find Kelsey showing. And in both cases, both families, realizing it may all be for naught. As far as the hope of actually finding her that dwindles, you know, every day, but last October as don't take Lucas is working in playing basketball wedlock and Laura's reconciling herself to. Her worst case scenario, a startling development of a serious message of hope comes through that help find Kelsey Facebook page. Ellis from a woman to I not familiar with saying if I have information about Kelsey, can I re- remain anonymous. Name is Jenna MacLaine, and that it's risky for her to come forward. Her life is in danger. She passes the conversation onto a male socio who writes, ma'am, please, your daughter is not dead. She will be back home alive. The man knows all sorts of details of the case and offers a troubling account of what really befell Kelsey claiming her baby. Daddy Dante had hired a friend to kill her Dante has no idea. She is alive. He thinks she is dead cliff who was ordered to kill her off the keeper and seller. And the friend did not kill her. He sold her into sex trafficking. He had a fake graves dug and showed that to Dante as proof that he had killed Kelsey. The baby had been aborted. There was a video of it being done, calc- screaming. How did that affect you? It's really hard to find words to use for it because it's so awful. It made me sick. I mean, I could barely function. Twelve hundred miles away at Ohio, a nearly identical development. One gentleman clean reaches out to making Lancaster's family to Facebook says she has information than pass the conversation onto a male socio who knows all about make its case. Nowhere pumps on his were Magnus, and I can get her back. He tells me how she was tortured and that she was in sex trafficking, and he told me that they kept her on chains. A nearly identical highly bizarre proposition. The emailer says he can help each missing woman escape, but he needs money. He tells Katie to bring fifty thousand dollars in cash, twenty.

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