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Only smarter. This is advocates progressive talk. AM thirteen fifty. Casts. You're hearing one of over twenty five thousand podcasts available to you right now. Offer free by downloading the iheartradio app. This is the I heart podcast channel. Look to bring stuff production of I Harvey. Hey rain stuff. Lauren Vogel bomb here shortly after midnight in the early hours of June sixth, nineteen forty four nearly twenty thousand allied paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines. The first soldiers on the ground on day conditions were terrible that cloud cover, and fog made it nearly impossible to spot their landing targets. And the night sky was pierced with moxy heavy anti aircraft rounds and sniper fire for those paratroopers, who made it to the ground, many were separated from their units, unsure of their locations, alone, enemy-held territory. They had to find their comrades in the fog, bunket dark without tipping off the enemy good thing. They had their clippers hours earlier when boarding the transport aircraft back in England. Members of the United States, one hundred first airborne division were each handed a small metal box that would serve as a low tech emergency communication device by pushing down on a lot of the box with the thumb and releasing it made a sharp clicking sound their instructions were simple. If you're on the ground you're someone approaching click one two clicks. Reply means a friend. No click could mean trouble twenty four hours after landing. The paratroopers were told to ditch or hide their clippers allied commanders were worried that the devices would fall into Nazi hands and be used trick allied soldiers into thinking that an approaching fo was friendly, the clippers only an action for twenty four hours, but who knows how many lives were saved by the simple, ingenuity, inspired by.

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