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Protesters saying and waited outside Hong Kong's legislature after Wednesday's clashes lawmakers suspended debate on the extradition Bill and it's unclear when they might restart liberal lawmakers have urged chief executive Carrie Lam to scrap the Bill altogether. But she says she will push ahead with rights groups. Meanwhile applied to police to hold more demonstrations on Sunday and Monday. And in Beijing, China's vice Foreign Minister Louis Cheung some into senior US diplomat and objected US criticism of the Bill. Anthony Kuhn, NPR news Hongkong seems American shoppers are still willing to spend money retail sales rose a half percent last month. And the Commerce Department says April sales figures were also revised higher. The gains in may were widespread with auto sales rising eight tenths of a percent, and book hobby and sporting goods sales, climbing one point one percent, mostly lower by the closing bell. The Dow down seventeen points, the NASDAQ down forty points, the s&p five hundred down. Down four. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. And this is KCRW news on a Friday June fourteenth. Good evening. I'm very Parrella. Here's what's happening at seven four four members of the Beverly Hills. Police department are suing the agency they testified today in LA superior court in connection with a discrimination and harassment lawsuit wants a billion member of the forces cheese. Sandra spagnuola has made inappropriate comments among them about Jewish men's headwear during a management meeting before the two thousand sixteen Jewish holidays. Another of the plaintiff says he's been the target of anti Latino anti-catholic discrimination under spec Noli says that boiled over when he provided testimony on behalf of former captain, Mark Rosen who also sued the city for discrimination and retaliation, he later settled, his suit for two point three million dollars spec, newly previously was the police chief for the cities of Benicia and San Leandro in northern California. A federal appeals court has ruled that a Mexican man who was arrested during a raid that event is manufacturing plant should not be deported, as KCRW's, Daryl sets been reports the decision is rebuked to immigration authorities, and it may influence how they. Target factories and other workplaces in the future Gregorio Perez was one of one hundred and thirty workers arrested when immigration and customs enforcement agents stormed, micro solutions enterprises a maker of printer cartridges, this was back in two thousand eight Perez, who had entered the country illegally from Mexico disclosed his immigration status during questioning, and he was targeted for deportation. But the American Civil Liberties union took up his case arguing that the search warrant obtained by is only authorized the seizure of documents, not people a panel of nights circuit court judges in San Diego. Agreed that Peres shouldn't be deported because his arrest was outside the parameters of the warrant legal experts say, the decision could force is to more fully disclosed its plans in search warrants at work sites..

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