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Come in. If you're ready to harvest and a hailstorm comes through Chapin's in Florida as crazy as it sounds, but it wipe out everything. And it's a lot of a lot of tough nights and sleepless nights, and because you could you put out so much going into the season for you harvest. There's over his window. There were if it fails, which we have tried to have as many safeguards and as we can. But if mother nature is the one, the one thing we can't control can take out everything, and I'm not just saying that for the story that is the Gosden is truth. So it makes me. Seem really easy. Yeah. By comparison farming, I'm sure has a lot more risk in many ways. What's the name of the company Ross that your family hasn't? My dad and my brother and what I'm tied into as much as I can in the wintertime when I'm down there is JD I. So that just means that Sanford just do it when my dad was young and getting going, he would go into town and pick up a labor for the day to do stuff in disguise. It didn't have jobs wherever they were ad in town, and they'd ride in the back of the pickup truck out the farm, and he'd take them back in and pay him cash and and they would complain or peop-, you know, different people. Then as they got crews coming in that would work all year for us. It complain about the work or anything, and he his, they always made fun of him because he was Saint, like just do it. And he would just walk away like they say, oh, it's too hot, and he took a break, do do like just take your break or whatever. But like at work done, just do it. So that's what he ended up naming the farm is it's cool to have the support of the whole industry. Because it's bigger than just our family. It's a huge family and we get together every year. Each state does that has a significant amount of watermelons. And that's the states. You'll see on my car sponsor me some. Then there's a national group that represents everybody and there's a national promotion board that promotes water mountains. That's a part of that association. So it's a huge family. They were obviously over the top that I would take watermelons with me victory lane, and I didn't stand there with a coke or you know, whatever in victory lane, I stay in handling watermelon like it was actually not even supposed to happen like that. I was. I wanted to stand up with it and bust it right there in victory lane. But I looked at the at the ground when I pulled in the head like a plastic corrugated material. And I was like at watermelon juice is going to go in there and it's never coming out and these guys in Las Vegas gun. Yeah, that was like Bill. They'll never get it out. So I when I busted on the track, I picked up a big piece landed right side up and ate it right there, and it honestly never did taste sweeter. It was. Kind of a play on words, but it really never. It was like, wow, that tastes really good. Like I was pretty hot thirsty and tastes good. You know you're watermelon too. So, yeah, you always bring a watermelon with you. Obviously not for the purposes of smashing in victory lane driving for premium, her Johnny motorsports, but just to have it for you guys guys. Yep, just cut it up. We have watermelon, queens, come a lot. They're part of the the association having watermelon for pit crews and stuff is just an added bonus to keep everybody ready to race. The watermelon farm also is a big part of your career Ross because four and a half years ago when it looked like your is over, you went back then regrouped and that came after you said you were fired at martinsville. So as looking up the stats and at that truck race at martinsville, if I've got this correct, you qualified thirteenth and finished fourteenth, how do you get fired after finishing fourteenth of Manville? I, that's that's what was so crazy as it all started Daytona. Right? So we went there. I'd be care that you're before probably all started. I made a comment pre-race. Yes, it was rain delayed. So we were filling time..

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