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List. I'd camp sutton. Tj wad came hayward in traynor would that's only four. There's five more winners left. I got a little creative with some of them and then we have three losers to go through. We're going to do that all here. In the second half. Let's get things rolling. Melvin ingram and alex highsmith. I put them together now together. Even does not even come close to having statistics or stuff that you see on a statute or a box score. That would make you think. Well these guys deserve to be there. But what i want to emphasize here is them. Being two thirds of the pass rushing trio for the pittsburgh steelers. So we know. Tj watt inflicted major damage on the buffalo bills offense but the fact that melvin ingram. Alex highsmith alex highsmith by the way who missed practice in the week was questionable. As of friday and then saturday days eight. He's not questionable anymore. He's going to play with a groin injury. So with highsmith ingram both healthy. They didn't have to being the steelers. They did not have to go out there and throw. Tj watt out there and say you're playing seventy five percent of the sam's no instead they said. Hey we can break this thing up let's say. Tj walkers break ingram and highsmith rin ingram as a break wotton highsmith highsmith needs a break wadden ingram. You see where. I'm going with this without ingram in highsmith who both had tremendous games. I thought both were held often. I can't that. Sounds like i'm being a little whiny baby but if you watch the game the steelers pass rushers were held so much in this game and they just didn't throw the flag and they threw a lot of flags on them too. By the way. But still melvin ingram. Alex smith michael beck. Put this out on twitter and it's a really good question instead. Is this the best trio of pass rushers. The steelers have seen in the modern era. And i i would be hard pressed. If they can continue to us. I would be hard pressed to disagree that this isn't the best that we've seen in nats says a lot that says a lot. Let's go to the next winter. Deontay johnson stat line five catches thirty six yards. One incredible touchdown ten wapping targets. Though ten targets he was targeted. Ten times by ben rothlisberger. The second person on the list of targets was juju. Smith schuster with eight deontay johnson targeted ten times five catches thirty six yard. One i i just wanna talk about touchdown. This was a game last year. If you rewind the tape go back to two thousand. Twenty was the buffalo game or deontay johnson. The very first drive. He dropped a really easy catch. And it kind of just snowballed from there. You just saw all these things happening where he just seemed like he was losing his confidence. He wasn't sure what to do nonetheless. He comes back. And i thought he had a great game. Did leave injured at one. Point came back. Into the game the touchdown catch what a catch. The ball's tipped by the buffalo bills defensive back who's guarding him. I'm not sure who it was. He ends up not only just coming down with but getting to feed in the end zone. A tremendous touchdown. It was the play that they needed was obvious at times that rothlisberger was not going to be able to just throw the team on his back. Like we've seen him do so many times before in his career. He's gonna need some help. And in this case that was the play that rothlisberger needed you saw chase. Clay will have one of those plays later on jujubes misused. Read a couple of those plays. These are the plays. They're going to make for number seven at this stage of his career released early in the season. So good job by deonte johnson. He didn't drop a pass in my opinion in this game. And he had the bit one of the biggest offense a place for the steelers in that touchdown. Reception all right. Let's go to another duo. I already said highsmith and ingram this time ago. And with miles killebrew and ulysses gilbert the third y miles killebrew comes up the middle on a punt block his hand the ball and boy. Does this guy special teamer me. He's he came from detroit terror loss and they had a connection there. Miles killer was known for special teams. Play watched the play again. If you go to the game recap. I have that video embedded into the article. Watch the play again. And you'll as he approaches the punter. He knows exactly what to do. Go to the side. Put your arms out. don't hit the punter. You don't wanna run into the kicker and give them a free set of downs. He does it perfectly know. It was a big mix up on the buffalo front but still he gets the ball. He knocks it down. It was Yuji three third scoops it up and scores in. What a change in dynamic little story about that. So i'm watching the game just myself my sons there. My we have an old dog. He's a sixteen or years old and he's up and around dubinin. I said well my son you take the dog out. And he said sure so. He's coming back into the house. And all of a sudden you hear the door like something something nettles hitting the ground. The steelers get a sack. It's exciting i'm pumped up what. What was that sounds. I go over thinking that the buffalo bills gonna upon. I'm not gonna miss much. I will be back. But all of a sudden i come back to the tv only like a minute later. In i see the pittsburgh steelers are celebrating touchdown. i missed it. I had to rewind it. Watch the punt block. Shame on me is what what you should say. Shame on me but nonetheless all is well with the world. Congratulations to killebrew and gilbert for being on the winners less. The last two had mere stat lines..

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