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Twelve hour shifts to keep the city running the snow isn't the only reason that King County metro is restricting buses to snow routes on Monday. And Tuesday spokesperson Jeff Sweitzer says the fleet faces extra maintenance challenges, but we have to get stuck or some of those chains come loose wrap around the axel. It means that our crews have to find a way to repair that. But they're also trying to find time to do that at the same time that they're trying to chain up the fleet the emergency snow network services, sixty at the most utilized bustling. Lines to find that list? Go to King County dot gov slash metro the weather has made travelling to and from our area, pretty tricky. Whether it's by ground or air. Komo's Ryan Harris checked in with seatac airport for the latest the top advice from the porta. Seattle's Peter McGraw is to call your airline before you head to seatac to make sure snow hasn't cancelled your flight. Also, keep yourself plenty of time bar airport, though is open and operating. We've had crews working around the clock. They've been the icing runways taxiways ramp areas in and around the gates in the cargo area at the adjacent airport roadways. There's also plenty of equipment to d is planes, but McGraw says whether it's too nasty out there for pilots to see is the big thing airlines look at before they decide whether to cancel your flight, snow and ice haven't stopped the flow of goods in and out of the port. But McGraw says well truck drivers are used to changing conditions. They depend on their local transportation department partners to keep the roads clear, which is critical to keeping. Mm shells at your local store stocked. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. Hundreds gathered at a parking Tacoma yesterday. For a giant snowball. Fight afterwards. Spread on social media several inches of snow since Friday. Stacey Stephen says. She posted a sunshine in hopes a crowd which show..

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