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Activists as a former cops in Long Beach and plotting to kill and we'll tell you more coming up at seven thirty at seven twenty five brought you buy grocery outlet your traffic and weather together every ten minutes of the fives and here is Jennifer your cell phones out of the six o'clock the five just heads up we got bales of hay in the roadway he lost cell six oh five of the five and I do see a little bit of slowing actually there about a mile slowing also got a man on a surplus of Hurley riding a bike on the west ninety one west of gypsum canyon please be careful there otherwise at ninety one of one of the drives to please be careful it's gonna does is get the southern California Toyota dealers downtown the one ten or they go be okay north bound here and just get ready to lose a few minutes from Florida through part of the king junior Boulevard a typically sluggish stretch but north of there not too bad at getting into a downtown southbound at no hazards no crashes to worry about from Highland Park headed all the way towards the South Bay do you have a big back up to three percent adults go to Orange County it's got has the five it's the southbound side of the five of the fifty five there's a crash that went down there they cleared the wreck to the shoulder but there's still some debris in the right lane so you'll have a backup they're starting at the orange crush you have that on going roadworks through there to northbound five in San Juan Capistrano right at the seventy four that's for the right lane has been blocked around a fuel spill is a sig alert the back it's kind of turned out but you will have some slowing approaching the seventy four all right ever exiting the secular on the to critics of the fifteen south to the fifteen south they've got the left lane blocked add this was a crash involving a car hauler the cars fell off the hauler for cars and laser pearly gates about a just about a hundred feet of guardrail repair they're going to do so they've extended as a single over the next five or six hours a left lane blocked even get through there but there's a bit of a back up or you take the fifty south the two fifteen and then when you get to the to ten go west you could rejoin the fifteen that way it's a grocery outlet get your snack on with delicious Quaker chewy dips granola bars can count package of the Bucks ninety not also stock up on the blue buffalo pet food and treats for your furry.

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