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A player that you wanted to go get. So let's say like an Elijah Vera Tucker falls into the mid teens, and you're a 23. If you really loved him. What would you be willing to give up to go get a guy like that? Or is this draft deep enough on the offensive line that you still feel like you got a good one? If you set a 23 Yeah, you know, Ordinarily I would want to go up very Tucker's a really interesting player, Bob. But With the death of that position and knowing that I want to get a couple other things as I can in the stress this would private here. I wouldn't want to do that. If I was the Jets knowing that, Hey, there's maybe three offensive line and they're in the next six spots. That's you know, the castle is you have to make on the clock or when it's within striking distance, and my gut would be the state put this year. What do you think the giant stuff? These fascinating, I think, 10 11 12 really interesting, And here's why it's Dallas. It's the Giants and it's Philly to me have very similar needs, and I think they need a pressure plate in the front seven. I think that you use another quarter even though they added a jury. Jackson so We'll see. Somebody like quitting pay from Michigan is the social Ari from Georgia. Those air two players and make a lot of sense to me. Do you miss this? I mean, do you wish you were gonna be in a war room tonight or you? You know, it's a lot lot to be said for no one tomorrow is going to slam any of your pits were like every pick that you make. Tonight's a good one on ESPN radio. Yeah, You know, it's funny. Um, there's some days. I definitely miss it and the camaraderie of being around great people, and you're very familiar with all the great people in that building of foreign Park, New Jersey. Um It's been great. I've really enjoyed the ESPN. It's been, um I've learned to time a lot of great people. I still feel like I'm very involved. You know, I try to be very competitive about it and Try toe do the best job I can and have my own board and watch a lot of tape and it's a different process. But you know, I'm still really excited for tonight. Obviously, it's a different feeling about Yeah, and we could still spend quality time together, though, so that's gonna be a win for you. Thanks a million for doing this. I appreciate it. All right. Appreciate it and enjoy the draft. Thanks, Mike Bullet. I'll be listening tonight. I'll be You know, I'm gonna have a couple of your phone's going tonight. I wanna hear what they say on TV, but I'm really interested here with you and Barton guys on ESPN radio say tonight should be fun. Thanks a lot. That is Mike Tannenbaum, joining us on the Goodyear hotline and end up by the way, if you missed any part of today's show, not only talking to Mike Tannenbaum but also greenie in the last hour, you can always find both hours of the show posters. The daily podcast available wherever you listen to your podcasts, publishes them in for Greeny here on ESPN Radio ESPN plus back to the phones at a SEC at Triple Eight, Say ESPN +888729. 3776 and 60. Seconds after I tell you how you can celebrate Mom's that run the world this mother's Day. Thank her in a big way, with a beautiful bouquet of tulips from 1 800 flowers calm. There is no better way to show her how grateful you are for everything she does right now. At 1 800 flowers, you can get 30 assorted tulips for $30.1 of the best things about 100 Flowers is how long their bouquets last. Ah, bright mix of orange, yellow or pink blooms. These tulips are guaranteed to show mom she's loved. And appreciate it. Get 30 assorted.

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