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And then a third one is sort of like the cast all sitting around reading scripts of old episodes and then interspersing that with the actual footage of that episode. So it's a it's a mishmash of a lot of different techniques but overall it's kind of this This celebration of what this cultural phenomenon of a show was. I will tell you my experience of watching. It could've titled friends the ravages of time because he is a boy it. Is you know this has been seventeen years since the showing off the air and it's just every single person that they bring back just go. Oh it's been seventeen years since the show's been on everybody's we're all old everybody's old i'm old everyone's old i mean there's a point which they cut to elliott gould in the audience who played one of the characters. Dad's friends and i could not recognize elliott gould. If you you'd asked me what famous actor is that. I wouldn't have been able to come up with elliott gould as like what happened to elliott go. No offense elliott gould but my goodness it's a very. It's a show where you go. Oh boy everyone. Time takes no prisoners. Although lisa kudrow timeless somehow still looks exactly the same she. She has managed to avoid the The ravages of time. But anyway i thought it was actually pretty pretty entertaining and especially most of the references and stuff were completely lost on me but as far as these type of things go actually thought they did a pretty darn good job. It's clear that they had budget to burn on this thing because at one point that they bring in lady gaga to do a cover of one of phoebe songs and then a full just walks in and start singing. The it's like they just didn't know how to spend money. They're just throwing money all around trying to figure out ways. To what else can we do. And i think they paid the two million dollars each as far as i. yeah. I'm sure like rebuilding the set from scratch which had been junked long. I'm sure that was no easy thing. It costs probably a pretty penny. Yeah i mean this was. They had money to burn on this thing and they were just doing stuff for no apparent reason but a very watchable show. I was surprised at how much i enjoyed looking at the nineties. Show of the nineties. A very significant way and You know there's a lot of sort of frank discussion of what it was like to do the show and behind the scenes discussions and You know i found it to be pretty entertaining. Actually excellent well. That's the friends reunion and it's on. Hbo max right now jeff. Anything else watching. Well i also checked out a new series that had been recommended on hashtag slash tag a number of times which is a great way to recommend all manner of shows and movies for both us and for your fellow listeners. We use the hashtag slash tag. It's it's something. I always sit down whenever we want to think of something to watch. I always check out recommendations using that hashtag. Thank you everybody that uses it. There's a new show on the peacock called peacock peaceful peacock the pickles. just the. there's no the why do you. Why do you keep saying in the high pitched voice. You really have to accent the the end of that. You'd be oh. Yeah when dave says he says the peacock get another streaming service that thankfully allows you to watch stuff without paying a dime some stuff now. Well not not everything. Now it's called girls five ever which is a title. I would not have gravitated towards. Sounds awful sounds fun. I don't even know what i'm supposed to think when i see it. You know i feel like the title perfectly encapsulates. The sense of like wins. Yes see the show but title is perfect retroactively title. Yes but when you tell me you gotta watch. This show called girls five ever. I probably don't yes agreed agreed. Yeah but i am very very glad. I checked this out. This is as close to thirty rock. As we've gotten in a long time. I was a big fan of thirty rock. I love thirty rock This is a lot of the same creator. Tina fey is a executive producer. Also plays dolly parton in the show at one point and it's paula. Pell is a major. I love her. I follow her on twitter. I think she's brilliant. And the concept behind girls. Five is there was a a spice girls s band in the nineties of a bunch of hot young women and they had a one hit wonder and then they all sort of you know went off about their lives and had sort of average everyday lives became parents became one of them became a dentist like they all just went on and had normal lives and then a rapper today samples their one of their songs and puts them back in zeitgeist and so they decided to reunite and start making music again as forty something women. And it's i think it's it's a clever concept and really really funny show. I love this. I mean it has that that saint in thirty rock. Every scene was sort of this weird hybrid between a single camera. Sitcom scene and a sketch like with with thirty rock characters were kind of characters but there are also like larger than life. Sketch characters also This show has that sensibility as well. And it's a sensibility. That really tickles me. So i'm really enjoying girls five. I know i think a couple of you have also watched. Dave watched it right. Yes i did. I had a great time. The joke density per minute is really really high. Yeah so i. I agree with you. It is a an appropriate error to thirty rock. And if you enjoy thirty rock. Enjoy that style of humor. I really appreciate girls five ever on peacock. So yep yeah all right. Let's just say like it is. I've seen a couple episodes. I don't know what busy phillips is doing in this show like she's doing real housewives style character. I hate everything. She's doing their love busy phillips. I love busy phillips so much but that character just seems like the show itself is very like off the wall and kind of zany wacky. At times she is just like at least that character is absolutely grading to me. Third hot one. She does she. She's doing what she's supposed to do just supposed to doing knowing you know but yeah two levels. There's different levels of annoying. All these characters like they have their own flaws quirks and everything. Her thing is very very specific. And maybe that's to give you like hyper-specific real housewife reject type character. But anyway i like busy phillips and the show is good so. I'm glad you're watching this jeff. Nobody checked out saved by the bell. When i mentioned it on the peacock so i couldn't be less interested in saving. It is actually a better. I think even a better show than this one. Really good guys god but it was good again again. I'm too old to have lived through saved by the bell. I've literally never watched an episode and saved by the bell the original so it it didn't stir any nostalgia for me. That's why yeah all right. Well let's girls five ever streaming on peacock. Let's get to weekly plugs. We're going to do weekly plugs. Talk leaked.

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