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We'll be able to have control of Isis total former secretary of Defense Ash Carter will join me He created the military campaign designed to destroy me Rocco which they remember what was the place they called the capital of the Isis Caliphate and if we hadn't done that our troops headed do it all make this operation work and now they are at the mercy of Turkey and the Assad regime two of their most bitter enemies well you won't be able to fight them from right there with a partner we're GONNA have to do it ourselves and we're going to have to do it because this is a group that tries to talk a little bit more about about your worries about Isis because the situation is one now that we've sort of familiar with these ungoverned spaces in there are radicals where there is a terrorist presence presumably that is what what exists now in parts of Syria the only problem is we're absent that the Turks are there the Russians are sense the Iranians are there the Syrian government is there but we are no longer there right well that's right but remember where we were we had US abled forces that had taken Mozell all and taken Raka the two principal cities of the so-called Islamic State Caliphate the state was destroyed for everyone to see including the most deranged loser who might have gotten excited by on the Internet and they were busy trying to stay alive they said they'd fight to the death and in some ways I wish they had because there are still some of them were in detention and a few others who are drifting down the lower Euphrates valley but I was confident that we would keep them suppressed so defeat was all but complete really early in two thousand seventeen and now they will in the chaos that will ensue as the Turks and the Kurds go at it other and the Russians move in and Assad moves in and the whole thing becomes much more scrambled in that environment isis will return they'll also therefore have a base from which to operate and try to renew Isis in Iraq and and will have somewhere in some way those same barbarians trying to set up their so called Islamic state again and when they threaten our people yes they do that's part of their agenda we're going to have to defend ourselves but next time we won't have anybody with US I'm afraid to say Bash Carter fascinating conversation thank you so much thanks for having me for next on GPS the rest of the weeks developments brexit Ukraine nine senior national security officials now speaking out against the president and his foreign ballsy to top national security advisers.

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