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The fbi both weisman and molar we're connected to now had issues with i mean this is explained the whole boston case and how this whole thing screwed up as it relates to whitey bulger i mean it sounds like a total and utter fiasco and we have a case also which i can't believe where evidence apparently is withheld again so yeah well you have molar he was at one point in time in boston he was the assistant us attorney in the us attorney's office in boston then he became the acting us attorney and boston that was from nine hundred eighty six eighty seven and if you look at the case you know it was molars actions during that time that raise questions about the role in one of the fbi's most controversial cases and this was with whitey bolger and what happened was a molar basically there was whitey bolger had been very much involved with guy by the name especially by the name of john connolly he was his fbi had handler and connolly was toxic connolly was basically passing information onto bolger they were utilizing bolger as this informant against all of these other bad guys in boston but bolger in effect was the worst of them all bolger was continuing to basically kill people run operations do everything that he could it ended up four people ended up being accused based on false information and put it put on death row basically based on false information about somebody's death because of bolger because the connolly and when moeller who was in charge of all of this i mean this was a huge mess at the time moeller basically denied over and over again although information was being provided he was writing letters to the parole board against these four men what happened was whitey bolger got a tip from connolly at one point in time that he was going to be arrested and he skipped town and bolger basically disappeared for sixteen years he was on the run he was not arrested and then until two thousand eleven and i believe showing will be able to explain this case in more detail than what i've given sean but that was when moore had come back and view is now the director of the fbi and this was.

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