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What did you see they should because looking at the replay? What I'm seeing Ben zobrist back in there safely. Now is it going to be enough evidence for them to overturn it? That's the problem. Has that he's called out? So it has to be there and convincing for them. To overturn that call. They looked like zobrist, I'm with you got the palm of his hand on the corner of the bag before he in desma, the first baseman came down with a check out of on the right shoulder blade. Ben zobrist, but it did look like it was a little bit late. And here's the the funny part of this because the decisions being made elsewhere zobrist in Desmond or just having a nice amical amicable conversation over at first base right now because it's out of their hands. Yeah. You might. Sobers might ask. Hey to give me I was in there known as a theatre probably in there. To. To convicting if you will or with a lot of conviction. Just because see what happens you mean in situations like this. Hey, you gotta be good. And you gotta be lucky and the Rockies it looks like based on the replay. If it the call stands, then they're pretty lucky in that one Mark Wagner. The first base umpire who made the call called zobrist out a Bill Miller the second base on who's the crew chief tonight they've got the headsets on on the third base side of the field is they are awaiting the ruling from the replay command center in New York Matorral Al Kyle free because of now what is becoming somewhat of a lengthy delay. He's taken two or three warm up tosses to try to stay loose. The headsets are coming off. And he is safe. For the call is overturned, and it does look like that is the correct call. But a minute and a half delays Zober still at first two down here in the bottom of the first Rockies lead the cubs wanted nothing. And now once again, here's your bias. Now, the crowds really feisty. They're really riled up. Now after that, call got overturned. Freeland sets Sobers the lead. Pitch bias swing and a foul off on. Well, they'd be excited. If has got a knock or homerun in any situation, but especially after that coffee and overturn if he goes adhere.

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