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We broke the news earlier that Aaron Rodgers will be playing for the Titans because I met somebody who claimed to work instruction on his new house and says Aaron will be living there full time. There you go. In case you missed it. I like that. Thank you. It's just in. I can't wait till this gets picked up. Me too, buddy, me too. The rich eisen show radio network. We're here. We're doing it. Thank you. I'm Bobby bones at mister Bobby bones. If you want to follow on social, but follow the rich eyes and show for sure. And I'm sitting at the rich, eisen show desk, furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry, Granger has the right product for you. Call, click, grant your dot com or just stop by. Now, college basketball time, even if you're not a massive college basketball fan, you'll probably get into some sort of bracket in some way. We do a Calcutta. You guys have heard of that? Where it's a golf game too, right? Yeah, probably. I don't know. They just call it that. But you bid on a team, and let's say, let's say I buy Memphis for 50 bucks. And the further they go, the more money I make, but you also, if they don't go up, you lose money too. So that's all these ways to just, hey, to have fun and be entertained. That's all I'm saying. Nothing else. Entertainment. That's all it is. Entertainment purposes only. Now is the time to kind of get into it if you're going to do a little bit of entertaining. And I'm going to bring on a Coleman crawley who, to me, this guy, I say guys, hey, Coleman, first of all, welcome to the rich eisen show on Bobby bones. You already know me, but how's your day going so far, buddy? It's going great. Thank you so much, Bobby and rich and the team for having me. So how old are you? That's what they were asking me during the break here because in the picture, you're like 9. Yeah, I understand I'm 26 look 12. Yes, that's true. So here's the thing about Coleman. He has been over the last 61 days. How many games have you been to personally in the last 61 days? I've been to now 67 games in 64 days. Okay, so it's nice. 67 and 64. Now he's not just going to all the big games. Actually, it's not that at all. What is your purpose with going to all these games, Coleman? I am trying to find Cinderella before she's at the ball. Last year, Saint Peter's was that Cinderella made a run to the elite 8. They only averaged 500 and 26 people in attendance at their home games. So I knew I could get great access to a high level of basketball. And I'm trying to find everyone darling before march back in January and February. So what is going to give us in a second is if we want to entertain ourselves and make a little extra entertainment, he's going to give us one of those or two of those Cinderella teams that he feels like we're really disrupt the NCAA tournament this year. I want to go back to when you were 14 years old. So like two years. I want to go back to your 14. Tell the guys about the science fair project you did and then what happened at the end of it? Yes, I was in 6th grade and decided to do my science fair project over if I could find trends within data to beat Vegas against the spread. So this was in the fall during college football season. And I actually had quite a bit of success with it. Ten weeks of studying teams and then three weeks of fake predictions, I went 17 and 6 during that stretch. And so they told me my project would have moved on to state. This was a 6 to 9th grade competition. I was the youngest. But being in Oklahoma, they felt that it was unethical to move a gambling project on the state. So didn't get a move on, but got a good grade of my project. Don't they have casinos in Oklahoma? How has an unethical? He's not Native American. I have no idea. Bible belt, I don't know. I mean, the casinos are all Native American there. That's true. And Coleman is, as you can see, a very young. Very white. Very pasty. I was going to say pasty, but white also works, yes. I am native. But yeah, look white. So Coleman, you do the project and they just say you want, but you can't continue, but that kind of inspire you to go into this and actually find ways, as you said, a beat Vegas. Absolutely. My dad's not much of a gambler. He's the one that came up with the idea, but I guess he underestimated how competitive I was. Filthy habit, for sure. All right, we're gonna do three teams that you think could be the Cinderella team from these mid majors. Give us one right now and tell us why. UAB, I've been telling you Marshall was my favorite Cinderella all year long Bobby, but it is switched to UAB since I got to watch them twice over this past weekend. They have maybe the most electric under 6 foot guards in the country in jelly walker. He shoots the ball tremendously well from behind the arc. They've got a standard built like an ox inside and Trey jemison, 6, 7 guy in KJ Buffett and ultra athletic 6 regard that played an LSU last year in Eric gain. So they absolutely have power 6 level of athleticism size to go along with this sensational player in jelly walker. Marshall, same thing, power 6 athleticism size that they have a guy in tavion Kinsey going to be a pro without a doubt and Andy Taylor is another guard. They both average over 20 points per game on the same team. They're definitely a team that could be a Cinderella outside of that. There's several teams that I could pick. I'm going to go with Drake out of the Missouri valley. They have a coach's son as the leading score. He's a sophomore at Tucker debris, averages 19 points per game. Outside of Tucker, the next 5 leading scorers are all seniors. So there are veteran team that shoots the ball really well, and I think there are a team that could make a run as well. So write this down, you may be Marshall Drake. That's call mccray. Give us that there. So you can make some extra entertainment when March Madness starts. Coleman, how many miles you put on your car in the last 60 days or so? Driving around? 19,000. In two months, driving to all these three hundred a day. And how do you have the money to do this? Meaning you had a job, what was the job? Yes, I worked in sales. And so I knew I was going to get paid commission at the end of the year and thought, okay, I can use that commission to have, I guess, bet on myself money for the next couple of months before I run out and go dead broke and we're getting close to running out and going dead broke, but we're going to fight food through March. He's going to go to march. Coleman crawley, bracketologist, a guy that grinds. I hired him on my sports show called 25 whistles, which is a podcast, and he's so good. And there you go. You may be Marshall and Drake. And are you still married or has your wife left you yet for driving to all these games? I'm still married. She's about to fly out Friday, but talk to me again next month, and I may have a different answer for you. All right, buddy hey, we appreciate the time, and we're gonna hold you accountable with these teams do not win. I say a lot of entertainment. Okay, buddy. Understand, understand. Thank you for having me. All right, there he is. Yeah. I mean, he's a kid that goes hard, right? You have to respect just the driver. Yeah. About what he did. Wow. He does not have a, it's not like as much family money and can just go like, I'll take mommy and daddy's money and then go drive around. He worked hard, built up, and then took that and bet on himself.

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