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Find but i just think that this below secretary affiliate follow right. okay your final selection kate. Yeah no not looking at this. Very said the best thing or if i was looking at price for sochaux she'll be short enough at least sarah anyway. And as james said she's actually plenty valley for current bryce as she has opened up here and i'm happy dot. They also he seven as well. So so Trip month like no no no seven is puffing of please lever have ad hoc. That's the way it's gonna prove thoughts. I was so impressive creative Last mile was Group level listed contest. And i love the fact that he showed his best tuesday and not as well. Because i had big concerns about ground in that race. Full him as well but Use based on the fact that three of his wins his full sites coming into the race. Coming good phone ground but you can see when you go into downside of his pedigree. There's soft brown form. So i'd say whatever the weather does that ascot mid week. That shouldn't hinder this odds Think now that we've seen it from as recent starts the biggest concern. I did have by. He didn't offering in the preliminaries of newbury race. He was saying he had to hondas of fabrics of the field. Were doing same as him to be fat. But it was just such a classic performance and we know from what james doyle said. Afterwards that this lifestyle to have a whole to aim at which he'll hopefully ahead with side in hagen military saul saw back in there as well on naval ground so revolve that pace on. Hopefully he'll be ridin. Just behind the leaders guests an eyesore into the set or quickening up like he did at new brain impressive style and he would been an idea what was for the commonwealth cup at no sorry which connections hands of being forced to run him railay in this race. So i'd i take that as a negative due to because the way he run through the line at newbury. I think this type of been tripped could actually zeus even bassett potentially and he has a ton of well to see him to good effect. Taste idea really liked given. Yeah on the back of that. Most recent listed like did just single g saw that was a group performance analysis it race by the mighty stallion do bobby out of a new orleans. Jewel royal oscar. Winning she was here shows the The mayor also chauzy was an absolute east of a horse. Just set the basically set up the australians. Who don't come over anymore. Yeah i know this cove and everything in what. We're not supposed to mention but still come on over train is better yes. There's so much better. The british tabloid now james james's ideal loved about basso and this is an interview with peter. Moody well first of all moody moody on. The mike is that he's podcast. So you went on a rant. About how their trainers are better than the british but he went on. Nick look show to back that up and clarified it. He said better than the british. I didn't say the irish the irish over and spank you every time. And we'll was like no no no. That's completely wrong anyway. The hardwick stakes now. Here's where things get very interesting. James because highest ground. Please let's back in the winner's enclosure last time and some people would say an overdue returned to the winner's enclosure. How dare you to those people. How dare you back in the winner's enclosure to let it to see typical. Some michelstadt horse in that. He just seems to thrive with older horses. And he's a double figure price. Yes i know that. Brian was talking up room. I'm not interested in broome. I'm not interested in. Japan is probably not going to run tiger moth. Might you might run here. And this is the trip looking at ten. Furlongs and twelve frogs for him stopped talking about him as a to monitor. They'll never run them at that trump again. That's what o'brien said but highest ground. Now we're talking james. Gimme the good news. The good news but highest ground and the good news about san gary's in good order. Look when we run it hate last year and we we beat the because host of volcanic who refers to form sunday. We thought we were. You know this is what we're expecting to say. We're all very pleased in your could. Just go right. may convoked petition autumn. Front court Johnson says we're kinda desperate to get run into before the winter as i spoke about on when a customer to choose just mary. Messy ground at newmarket was autumn holding sticky brownie. Just couldn't get out So through that it doesn't do a great deal at home. She's not the easiest source to get to get tuned in first time out such and as they get older they just you know they lock themselves a bit more so equal tired at sandown been more than we sold But he ju. Julie went into really expect him to esta He's come on again for that. We ideally didn't wanna go to all phone until we got to ask but the the rice is that we had to choose. From that was we have to go twelve at leicester everyone around all the team around him truly think that he is a twelve foot on today. Stays twelve phone while that was a very messy race best holy doyle rode her whole exceptionally well. Just kicked the right time to try and get a spate such show. When i went back and analyze the rice i was actually more impressed with the performance off the fact that he you know he got quick when she quickened away going downhill lester. Equal that quick enough thought he would and Ended up just tossing away from the inoue done enough training while since i mean we always rate is very hotels horse. This is a big step for him. Experience wise. I think when you go hosted like broom and out ally say backs up if the if the rain comes and you've got the tradition in there you know that the proper hardened horses that run to their rating. So we're gonna find out a lot about Come saturday in cookham owen. Burrows they tried to ten felons in indonesia asia into gordon. Richard story with us am. He's a offer stays on off very well. Yeah we'll find out lots of today but We would we believe he's a proper horse and we always have. Your civil has an insane record in this race and the lakers et smullen was absolutely outstanding. Snow skype back in two thousand sixteen. But what is this. What.

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