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This is Lars Larson. Welcome back to the Lars Larson Show. It's a pleasure to be with you. You know, my dentist has reminded me for a couple of decades that You have to take good care of your teeth, and it's not just about your pretty smile. It's about making sure that you don't get things like heart disease, because that's one of the routes that some of that bacteria has to get inside your body. So I was kind of interested when I saw there's a medical study out there about a root for the covert 19 virus to get into your body. And it's because you don't take good care of your teeth. So I thought, Let's talk to the guy behind it. Dr. Sherman Malai, Um joins me now. Who's a dentist TVs written a study and I know it's like most scientific studies. It doesn't sound very penetrate herbal by the average person. The covert 19 pathway, a proposed aural vascular pulmonary root of SARS, cov to infection and the importance of oral health care measures. Doctor Welcome to the program and tell us about this is bad or aural hygiene, bad teeth, brushing one of the ways that people put themselves at greater risk. My Lord. Thanks for having me and I feel like this is such an important topic because it's something that no one even expected would even be possible that happen. So first of all. We think that we get cold it because it comes down our airway down our windpipe. Terrified trachea. You know that's not happening. What we're seeing is actually it's coming into our bloodstream first. Possibly so That's But the medical imaging is showing the CT scans are all showing is actually coming in down into the lungs in the area where the blood vessels are going into the lungs. This means Basically where the blood vessels come. They come from the mouth. So there's now we look at why you couldn't come from the mouth. We have a lot of saliva. That's where stars called the two.

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