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We have done serve the four different cruises on all allow i won't go into any detail because this is yours real butter shows what travel is all about what are some of the place and said you like to share with my international audience as to uh that you have memories of and found some wonderful food at the same time i understand you've been in greece i've been in mexico i had police leah yes yes well perry have to say i knew that we would we would be fast friends because we both loves food and travel so much um but yes you know i have been in greece and that was a place where i credit really my first sudapet fanie happened in greece and it was ironically after i had spent a year in paris which is also a place that's very very dear to my heart i've been a a francophile ever since i was in fifth grade and set for myself a goal to go to the sorbonne and they actually ended up achieving that goal my junior year in college or blindscrewecom whoa whoa whoa may jobless the aclu job wonderful wonderful experience but i was i was a poor students and really didn't appreciate the food it was also during the the lowfat era so i was just afraid of food in general i was afraid of real food so i would eat things like green beans dipped in mustard and plain mashed potatoes and things like that and trying to be virtuous on these low fat diets that i was always on and then i went to greece after uh after school had ended and ended up meeting a man there and living with his family through the summer which i write about in nourished and that was really where my first food at tiffany's happened and then the the first one that i remember so clearly with just a simple fried hague and mama had had made this friday and it was an egg from a hen next door and fried in the olive oil from bouzo bottles that was from their olive groves down the streets and it was.

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