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And read some of the seventeen thousand reviews from customers who have discovered the health and wellness benefits of CBD, whether explore CD for current health issue, or long-term, wellness, you may be able to find some reports at CB distillery dot com again critical science not yet there yet. But lots of good anecdotal reports. Have you sure to enter the code drew at checkout for fifteen percent off? That is. D. R E W for fifteen percent off at CB. Stiller dot com. CB distillery dot com. Story of our time missi gone. Direct from Broadway. Don't miss the acclaim new production of miss. I. Landing in Los Angeles. At the Hollywood pen teaches theatre July sixteenth, August eleven TicketMaster dot com. Now, Rb Expos summer RV super show, in say twenty two manufacturers, whatever never thirty one brand over two thousand RV's Steeler person. Steeler, you win with savings of a lifetime RV expo one in ten to fifteen in colts. Hurry ends tomorrow. Talk radio seven ninety ABC news update. I'm Steve target stores across the country are experiencing some technical difficulties Acura, working company, tweeted aren't aware of the systems issue. Not impacting every store customers dozens of locations taken.

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