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Station. And so that's why music can help reset the bedroom for place of calm since the stimuli in the bedroom that'll help reset. And again, that's Dr Carol ash. She is a sleep specialist. The word of the year two thousand eighteen says a lot about the year two thousand eighteen the Oxford English. Dictionary says more people use the word toxic this year compared to any other the word experts say toxic describes the political culture of two thousand eighteen is also used by people to describe their relationships and others habits last year's Oxford word of the year, targeted millennials youth quake, some of the runners up this year include gas lighting orbiting and tech lash guess leading has been around for a long time. It's devastated parts of California and Florida now the recovery from hurricane Michael k aroldis news time is two forty four. Listen to NewsRadio ten eighty. They are L D anytime anywhere. Download the radio dot com app. Powered by give me the van dot com. Sell us your car. North Pole hotline, my in laws are hosting thanksgiving. And we're bringing addressing you mean, stuffing, no dressing, I need cute outfits for everyone. Gets old navy old navy. Yup. Navy's got stylish denim velvet tops the best and forty percent of your entire purchase right now. Are you percent off? We'll be stuffing our shopping bag full. Plus get fifty percent off when you use or open an old navy card now through Sunday, you can even buy a line of pickup in store for free and all you can wear buffet. Holiday your heart out at old navy dot com. Valid eleven fifteen eleven eighteen exclusions apply. See stores for details. No an ad from dad save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Yeah. In other ways to save money. Don't buy those expensive coffees. Then you can save up for I don't know. Really nice dress shirt just saying it's great that you feel comfortable here at work. But you know, an adult could walk in progressive Kathy from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations.

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