Rape, Steve Cave, Chief White House Correspondent discussed on WBZ Morning News


Lawyers? BBC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. And at the current rate US covert deaths since the start of the pandemic will pass 400,000 just in the next few days. Total coronavirus deaths in the U. S air now more than 391,000 says Johns Hopkins University States report 244,000 cases 127,000 covert hospital patients and over 3600 new virus deaths Friday, according to the covert tracking project. The seven day average for tests is that a record high encouraging news. The seven day averages four cases. They're declining and all four regions. NBC's chuck Secrets and reporting the businesses are wrestling with the best way to get their workforce vaccinated. Should companies make a covert vaccine mandatory for workers. Nearly half of the people who weighed in said Yes, do make it mandatory, Jessi Hempel of linked in says in that company's survey of users on the question, 40% said, no Financial incentives, like the one offered by dollar general to its employees might be an answer the balance years to provide the incentives that Aaron Credit going to encourage them to do the right thing in the name of science for public health well, also allowing them to feel that they are making the decision. Steve Cave and CBS New Police in Boston, arresting a former Suffolk County prosecutor and defense attorney. Charging him with rape. Investigators say Gary is a Rolla once named one of People magazine's most eligible bachelors wanted on a warrant issued out of Boston Municipal Court for rape. And breaking and entering, ordered held without bail at his arraignment yesterday, while the new year is barely underway, where 16 days in, and many parents are already banking on covert free summer camps, songs.

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