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Jamie Kloss has been found a thirteen year old Wisconsin girl disappeared when her parents were killed in a home invasion in October. She walked up to a woman who was walking her dog yesterday about sixty miles from classes, home in Wisconsin, Barron county, Wisconsin sheriff Chris FitzGerald says she was found not far from home where she was being held by her suspected kidnapper. She did escape from the whole and did find help. Twenty one year old Jake Thomas Paterson has been arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping the Senate approved a Bill to give back pay to federal workers currently not getting paid during the partial government shutdown. House speaker Nancy Pelosi it ensures that eight hundred thousand federal employees are going without pay because of the senseless shutdown ultimately get the back pay they deserve if the house approves the Bill workers could get money that they are owed once the government reopens, the head of the Arizona chamber of commerce and industry says there's a deal that can be made to end the federal government shutdown, and it's time for the president and congress to fix the mess. Glenn hammer says all fifty states are open and functioning as there's no excuse for the twenty one day federal shutdown summer, Republicans summer Democrats, summer, Republican and democrat, and they figure it out. It's embarrassing for our top level of government. Hammer says there was on a has fifty five thousand federal employees and almost seventy. Five hundred are furloughed or working without pay. Well with America county community college district cutting out football because of budget woes the football humidity in the valley is rallying its troops hoping to find an alternative for young student athletes. We want to maintain the same level of integrity that we were playing with before they're hoping to create four private and corporately funded football programs to start playing this fall. We've had tentative conversations with multiple teams that are obvious geographical partners snow collar, New Mexico military institute, where will they study we've developed a relationship with community Christian college, which is a community college. That is centrally based in southern California that offers degree programs nationwide. They will have a local facility or student support right now, they don't have equipment and facilities..

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