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Hello, welcome to the show on Adrian Healey in the company of Steve Nicol and Craig early here in the studio Raphael. Han Eckstein is doing the pleasure of joining us to in. What is the first day post Josie Marino missing him already guys you missing him yet? Go by Manchester United. Yes, they will move the conversation on at a little bit today. Late goal. Holy moly gonna social. Let's focus on him. Because he is going to be guiding many United for the rest of the season. It's a great himself as a plan to spills in moldy as as a coach won two league titles. Anna Norwegian Cup the nine months in the Premier League conduc city that most people remember that resulted in that blue birds relegation, so what do you make of this appointment that really the whole coaching package? Only going on who else comes with him as well. I think it's important that might feel in his coming back because he was a a rock for a long time for Sally's Ferguson. He's very good with players in those the players, and you need that you need to have some can because this is a group that needs needs a kick out the box. But by Luke's, I'm an arm around them as well social getting this temporary. I mean, let's put it another way. If only gonna social had never played for mind says United. He would never have been with the million miles as job. This is just about getting somebody who the fines know who's going to be Monument monitoring. experience on who can be a smile back on the face literally for the short term and 'til they can sell themselves is nothing more than that. It's clearly someone who cares deeply about majesty United. But is that enough the reaction I think has been somewhat mixed from United fan? Well, I think as an often, and it will be for the rest of the year. You know, he's not being brought here because if you see a coach he's Broughton because he will bring a feel-good factor. He will come the police don't I think he will. He will get the players off edge. The clearly walk through the doors, all traveled and our own edge, the one room what's coming next. So this guy hundred percent will not get the job team. But will will let everybody breathe a little and relax, and hopefully that will mean they will perform better on the field. Raff? What was your immediate reaction to the social appointment? Well, if I was interesting that right from the start menu knighted said that this is just a interim replacement. There would not even trying to sell this as a possible, you know, so Larry type situations at Dan that he might get the job. It's very clear. He's only keeping the bench warm until the man that they really want will come in. So it's an interesting concept bef-, you very unusual at a club of the size of the United, and they have very little to lose. If he doesn't improve the team people are not blame him. If he doesn't prove a little bit as I think we can expect him to then ready. The job is done. So I think it's a very comfortable position to be in the real question was still be can United get who they want to get next. And there's no real expectation is offset as so I mean, it's not it's not as any any heat. Both from the coaching managing or indeed Edward will. Because all the funds are interested. In is. Rob said made it clear this you show him. The only thing that interested in as well get some results in some football. But but no one who's going to be coming in. I think that's the key thing is that they're interested in what always makes me laugh is we're not here as well. You understand the football club. And you can always the club. Oh, you're looking for as good monitor. Right. You know, you're in call as of pills. Fabrique awesome Venga was never of awesome fabrics. Let's fix never mind. United fabric. Yeah. Good monument so longtime. That's what they're looking for short-term. What they want is to to quit the negative headlines to talk talk's atmosphere and purse my Obama faces for both players unsupported raft. Just quickly to go back to you. Do you think United will eventually get the man they want?.

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