FED, FDA, Steve Mnuchin discussed on Rush Limbaugh


As talk of Mork coronavirus relief circulates again in Washington. I do believe we need more fiscal relief, and I think there's more work to be done. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin urging Congress to pass something in the lame duck session. Both he and the Fed chief telling the Senate Banking Committee Small businesses in particular remain at risk is covert cases Search and mu Shin says they can't wait two or three more months, suggesting $300 billion in grants be set aside by repurpose ng money he's been reclaiming from other Fed programs. This as a bipartisan group of lawmakers proposes a new covert relief bill. Both parties Both houses, an independent, all standing here talking about moving the country forward. This is an opportunity. Independent Senator Angus King of Maine, unveiling a $900 billion effort to bridge the gap between Democratic and Republican priorities in the House and Senate. The congressional leaders on either side continue to blame each other for lack of a deal so far. President elect Joe Biden is formally introducing his economic team at an event close to home in Delaware, including former Fed chief Janet Yellen to be the first female Treasury secretary. A CDC advisory panel meets this afternoon. Hear more about two vaccine candidates seeking FDA approval and to start recommending the first batch rollout thought has been that initial doses would be directed to frontline clinical workers produced batches of the candidate vaccine made by five series already being shipped and staged around the nation. Moderna on Monday formally asked the FDA for approval for their vaccine boxes. Evan Brown, the first FDA hearing on Pfizer's application is set for next week. America is listening to Fox News. This report is sponsored by Merrill. Staying connected continues with 1061 FM Talk amid record hospitalizations in a cove in 19 positivity rated 9.5%. At last report, DHHS will hold a press conference this afternoon yesterday, the urged anyone who traveled for Thanksgiving to get tested. Raleigh Police are investigating and overnight shooting, they say, a 17 year old boy was found shot just after 2 A.m. on Little John rode on the city's South East side. No arrest yet Ah suspects in custody after a Monday evening crime spree in Guilford County. It all started with a report of a woman acting suspicious at a gas station on groom Town Road at I 85 in Greensboro. She then ran to a nearby home where she allegedly stole a gun and vehicle Fox ate in the triad reports. The suspect took the car to another gas station of Allah Man's Church Road, where she held up the clerk and stole cigarettes from their peace accused of breaking into another home this time getting into a confrontation with the homeowner. Authorities say she shot him in the abdomen. Deputies then took her into custody. Applications are now being accepted for the Asheville Optimist Club, Santa Pal Mitch Evans explains. The process will run through 2 P.m. on Christmas Eve with parents or guardians needing.

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