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Vladimir Zielinski who plays the president on TV show. There is headed for a landslide victory and Ukraine's very real presidential election. You're listening to ABC news. Hey, it's MAC Watson with some big news from my friends at renters warehouse. They've acquired one of America's leading online real estate investment marketplaces and have now become the nation's leading real estate investment services company. So what does this mean for you? It means renters warehouse is now your one stop shop for research by leasing managing and selling single family rental properties. So whether you're looking at twenty properties or just one renters warehouse gives you the tools that you need find great properties and great tenants. Collect the rent manage the maintenance view stock like analytics and track your portfolio with renters warehouse. You can easily do it from the comfort of your own home. You can even do it from your smartphone and your properties don't have to be local. They can be anywhere in the country. When it comes to unlock. Making the investment power rental homes. Renters warehouse is leveling the playing field. They have the network knowledge and technology to make you a rent estate mogul. And it all starts when you. Visit renters warehouse dot com. That's renters warehouse dot com. Renters warehouse list rent manage all under one roof. Okay. Folks. You know, how I feel about the good people? Larry, H, Miller, Hyundai Peoria. I mean, it's the only place I tell you to shop for a new car penalty Hughes here. And yeah, I talk a lot about the people. You know, how they're non commissioned and always worked to get you into the right car. But today, I'm gonna talk about the car specifically Hyundai going above and beyond with innovation about technology and design get this the new Kona ironman edition. Yeah. You heard me iron man addition is now partnered with marvel on this car, and it is sweet. I mean, it is if stark industries built across over themselves, Matt gray paint, and all and of course, Hyundai assurance and America's best warranty. Ten years one hundred thousand miles powertrain limited warranty. And they have the all new Hyundai palisade with seating for a and some awesome safety tech palisade getting rave reviews. They're taking pre orders on both now at Larry Miller. Hyundai dot com. You know, it matters where you buy your next Hyundai. Choose. Larry H Miller. Hyundai Peoria based on Hyundai RDR. Reporting January through.

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