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And criticism. I'm Jane Metzler, Fox News. Democrats don't like it. Neither do some conservative Republicans. But President Trump is proposing a way out of the partial government shutdown about to enter month to FOX's Rachel Sutherland has the latest live from Washington Jane, vice President Mike Pence making the case for the White House's latest offer a temporary fix for immigrants. Brought to the US legally as children in exchange for five point seven billion dollars in border funding. Put President Trump did here was he he set the table for a deal. The vice president telling Fox News Sunday. He says appointed that house speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed the proposal out of hand democratic congressman James Clyburn said to the president is less opened up the government. Some Republicans criticizing the planet's amnesty for illegal immigrants, Jane, Rachel, President Trump on Twitter this morning address, those conservative. Republican critics. He insists that amnesty is not part of his offer. But claims there will be no big push to remove the eleven million plus people here illegally. Adding be careful. Nancy as in house speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is a special day for President Trump. It's been exactly two years since the president took office and during that time he signed the largest tax cut overhaul. In three decades, named two justices to the US supreme court and extricated the US from the climate change accord and the Iran nuclear deal, but the president has also seen much up evil in his cabinet during the president's two years in office. There have been ten exits from within his cabinet representing unprecedented turnover compared with his predecessor John decker. Nearly eighty are dead after a gasoline pipeline exploded in Mexico that pipeline.

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