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Off. Meeting. Greetings, fellow helpers, Jolly snow, spice here W Exum AS north pole radio. It's a day 24 on your advent calendar. Yes folks Christmas Eve has finally arrived. Our own Holly Barre is at the corner of candy and Cane with the latest. That's right Sally, if themes. Can out there all holding Hansen celebrating in other successful launch of delivery day, and it's this year feels more special than usual. Maybe that's because it is. Nanny has set up a chain letter reaction that has swept through our little community underminded us all of what's important overall here for that, every letter counts, Every kid account, even those that are in so Jolly. You all. So take a little time to think about people you care about. I think it's safe to say Christmas is in good hands this year, But before we sign off, I'm told We have a very special colder. I'm alive. Are you there caller? Look, I now where honor, wink, Japan of here who believe that we can't wait to hear all about blood Mandy. They're someone else here who would like to single high Manny. The one and only We're all very proud of you. Sugar. And I just want to throw out you nervous June as we get done delivering the guess. I'll be right back at my station department. Pat, Julie, you imply you're taking the all fled with. No man. I'm starting a new division Department of letter readers with desks. No scanners, more helpers. And I'm putting you in Charleroi here really Els. Let us need to be ranked. They try to repair a little factor. Here's Dalia GAN dwell money. I guess there's nothing mortars. It.

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