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Four 64 and the suburbs same story it cost dozens of dollars for this customer to fill up at the Shell on route one 98 and whisky bottom road and Laurel She tells Devito she can handle the cost but I have friends and family that are not in the position that I'm in So I see the struggle of just working to really put gas in your car to get to work Yes but he also says the surge in diesel prices will be a double whammy showing up through retail channels and higher costs for goods With Anderson WTO news After a long pandemic season of fewer writers and lower revenue metro is seeing a lot of passengers come back But the rebound is happening while metros under pressure to solve the train shortage and alleviate crowding Ridership on the metro rail and bus systems combined is 40% higher than it was a year ago metro officials say ridership in recent weeks has doubled since March of 2021 They attribute that to workers returning to offices higher gas prices and rebounding tourism you can hear more about the recent ridership boost on today's episode of the DMV download podcast wherever you get your podcasts As big businesses such as Amazon and Boeing are moving in Arlington county is beefing up public transportation with a new bus project Here's WTO's Luke Luke The project will extend the transit way to Pentagon city connecting it to the Braddock road metro station in Alexandria Joe leader with metro The transit way extension to Pentagon city will only improve things with additional dedicated lanes providing frequent and reliable service Those dedicated bus lanes will be installed on 12th street between south haze and army navy drive and continue on crystal driving clerk street the traffic relief project is expected to wrap sometime in 2024 In the meantime look for detours.

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