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A suspect based on their history and likelihood to reoffend maurice lago self kqed's politics and government desk has been following this issue and marie so why is the chief justice come up with this decision now and does this represent a big change for her i wouldn't say it's a big change she's been kind of inching towards this issue in recent years she's talked in speeches about her concerns with money bail and whether it punishes the poor for being poor and does it really sort of insure public safety i'm but a year ago she did appoint a working group to study this iin included eleven judges and one chief executive of a county and so this was the combination of their work and study of this and she basically agreed with everything they came out and said in a hundred plus page report and without going through every page of that hearing page report what were the highlights wedded at conclude why would it be better to do away with the system i think this gets a lot to judicial discretion in the ability of judges to really look at the facts of a case holistically you know right now we have county bail schedules they're set by each county in they're pretty uniform and on one side of that is the charge somebody's accused of and on the other side is a monetary amount but ventura judge brian back who cochaired this panel says leaving it up to judges would be better for public safety in part be because they're rich people who can buy their way out of jail for example it also addresses the situation where those who should not be in custody would would not be held in custody it provides the judge with more information to truly address public safety issue so i think what you're hearing here from this judges that you know every case is some amount of a judgement call that has to be made but right now judges really aren't given as much information as they could be under an alternative system and so what's been the reaction in the legislature because there's been a push their to change this system yeah i talked to senator bob hertzberg he's a democrat from los angeles he had joined up about a year or go with assembly member rob bonte of.

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