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Ninety is closed until five AM I'm Jeff Phillips global twenty four seven traffic we're going to end up a lot about snow so get over the past as well to get the still good down below that can you should be mainly dry in the morning that mainly not so dry by the afternoon as the rain kicks into high gear by Wednesday evening we'll see gusts between twenty forty miles per hour especially north of every close to the ocean beaches and quite a suck fest in the low end so much so that by the time we hit Friday into Saturday we will have picked up several inches of rain in the lower rate and that could lead to some river flooding in the couple weather center I'm meteorologist Shannon o'donnell the first game action with the hostesses they lost the guns that go back on the separate last night it was Washington against Seattle you and and college basketball final score Huskies win at eighty one to fifty nine Pro Bowl selections were announced Tuesday afternoon well deserved honors for Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson both players were named starters robbers shot pity if the Seahawks of down a running back for the couple including veteran Robert Turbin who was Marshawn Lynch's back from two thousand twelve two thousand fourteen start Sanders set your home of the Huskies komo news catch up on all things purple and gold every Monday and Thursday night Monday at six is the husky hoops coaches show with my conscience Thursday at seven fifty award winning Thursday night dog house with bill Swarts no home of the Huskies komo news when there's news we're on a breaking news we have a massive response from Seattle fire department I know.

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