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I think they'd rather i i don't disagree with you on this can also like block threes like these will one of the rare guys an ad like the two guys who could like maybe block into rant three okay so janas four go kuwata three harden at the point i don't i know i do for the guard he created say i don't you get it i might just because i've seen what he's done in that specific building i serve golden state has court here yeah yeah i might take kyri because we have enough enough other guys where like i just know he'll be able to hit that shot if need be in ages he just loves to play in that building but he might sign their next offseason the more thinking about it because he loves playing that goddamn building so much you wanna play your forty one times a year yeah imagine what i'll average if i play here that frequently now go every but i still don't know who for to watch hard at the to george maybe yeah i don't i don't wanna hard carry bet court like that's the that's disastrous threeyear nabs when paul george at the two why john is wrong and hard nugget as old stroke you not run what about confirmed top twenty player in the nba donovan mitchell six could be talked into lebron said it'd be honest but i don't i don't know man we've seen the brian need to plan like we've we've seen it happen and it wasn't pretty yeah i i mean heartened just liable to quit so i don't you you gotta roll the dice mentioned beat the champs fast fair point two guys who might just be like now this point it's like they also like harden might walk off the court in the second quarter he might have a fifty point triple double i really a role in the dice trying to think if there's anyone else like crazy enough that it could work they're like certain like russell like john wall just because i know they would like take it personally like giral like they both still feel like the best point door like if not player in the league it just wouldn't work out well in this bright yeah like i get what you're saying but they're also liable to make it like the biggest deficit to right yeah like john was like no i got a coup why i'm gonna i'm gonna take only thompson off the dribble year yeah i might say like fuck point guard honestly even though it's the deepest physician i might just what is much just length is fossil like jaanus is four five sister game kawais four five assists a game if paul george to you get four five so you can you can make shift you would necessarily need again just run your offense justice jefferson yeah listen you want someone that's going to be shutting down people you get justice winslow in the fray i did justice emba actually eighties out bam bam five five figure it out eventually how you yeah i'm looking at like every roster booker maybe booker on the one again i think the like you need reasonable two way players yeah.

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