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Get some big points from amino Collins Rodney had played another good game. He's he's looking like the player the blazers needed when they traded form in this series. A lot more than what was coming out of the o'casey series. Even J J Lehman got in and played a few minutes with heartless wrenching his ankle. Pre rough looking spill Yod Avent heard anything new about game game three on Friday, but Lehman command because I instead of playing someone else or switching it up start usually likes to keep the rotation going for the second team. And so he put Lehman in their first action the plops in one of the blowouts. He was. It was a minus five for the six minutes. He was there. He was up in Murray's face and point tough divas on them. So I actually thought that was pretty good of so for my money. It was a good all around game by the blazers. Nothing spectacular solid. Very good defense can get a rebound on the defensive end and that third into the fourth quarter for nothing. And that's what kept kept Denver close. And some some question, you know, not the best shooting tonight for both teams was really bad. But not the best. We'll see what comes up and game. Three. See how Denver counters the way Portland played defense on their picking role game. Like, you said earlier, I was really impressed with how they attack that changing it up and throwing something different. Look like Jim Murray has got a wicked Charlie horsey. You know, he he kept going hung in there. But you could. See in that fourth quarter. He could not move. So I'm curious to see how that goes for the next next game. Yokich joke each I liked that players gave. But he's now that we're in the playoffs and you see play back to back games. He's he's kind of getting on my nerves. He should've fouled out refs. Let them get out of it not on purpose. I think that just missed it. But it was it was a clear foul on the Collins. I believe when it came across his arms that guy's pretty funny. He. Looks out of shape. He looks like he goes to the the Felton Rafe Elton. School of conditioning for basketball, but he gets you can see all winded as out of shape as far as most NBA players, but he can barely jump over a piece of paper. But he's he can pass. He's his badge ical on the passing..

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