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You're right i'll put the old dark house above the invisible man oh boy i love the old dark house but anyway the my wife will be like i wonder why that such and such thing is and i'll tell my brain my brain will start generating some bullshit explanation and i'll be like stop brain you don't know the answer to this you don't need to throw an answer out into the world like such a dumb man thing to do but you know we should have just texted dana gould to ask what the pets yeah how does a man's pitas lifetime dear dana two questions number one which is better the what with the invisible man or the old dark house not make an argument that they visible lands better than broad frankenstein but anyway that being said if i was in this man situation i did not know that unless it was labeled package i don't know that i would know what those what it was a package of because cochrane's of the things i've heard about in jokes i'm sure so many times but i've never had a personal experience with i've never seen one in person it's like the loch ness monster kind of i might be like what are these is this is a weird selection of napkin rings yeah i mean yeah why do you why do you think this guy was like driving to a sex expo a sex spo i think what happened you know the whoever owned that car beforehand was going to you know bang khan or whatever and you know they're unloading the goods by the way i every year i forget to make hotel reservations is so hard to get a reservation in cincinnati during.

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