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Like, we're literally doing everybody in Kamathi. And we also do a lot of people in boxing. There's lobby can't talk about with the Baccini. But you'll you'll see pretty soon lot of stuff coming out. And it turns you have like they have they have people that, you know, they give them I guess preplanned meals and stuff like that. What we do. We actually do actual weight cut. You know, there's a lot more than just give him people food. Also, take care of their rehydrating the actual cut itself. Like, you know, how hot is the best books to be, you know, how can you be in there dejected pressure? The vitals, you know. Whereas there's nobody that's actually doing that with with you of state. You know, we don't we don't work against you. See you don't like we don't work for the U of C. But we we have job because of the UFC, you know, and I never forget that in a non, you know, people from P I loved the debt they're not voted the grain what they do. We just kinda bring, you know, something that. Something a little answer that that maybe they can't do. I mean, I don't think Klinka go to every room and cut weight with with all these fires. I don't know how that works. But yeah. Okay. Fair enough. Well, this is very exciting stuff. George. Good luck to you. I hope it comes to fruition. I think it would be a lot of fun. The thirty six year old quote, unquote, George Lockhart coming out of retirement one last time fighting August, potentially. Maybe we'll see I Michael J wild. This is something. All right. I appreciate you doing this, George. Good luck. And keep us posted. Thanks a lot brother. All right. There is George Lockhart one of the best voices in MMA as well. That was a fun way to end the show will reach out to mister dole chancy what he has to say about all of it perhaps. We'll get a response in the not too distant future. All right. I do believe we are out of time. We've gone a little long here. I did wanna mention one thing is I got into stuff a little quicker than usual on this particular episode because we had been aspirin standing by. If you missed Raymond Daniels on Saturday. Shame on you. What a main card in Birmingham from Bela Tor, not only Raymond Daniels. Fabien Edwards Britain premise with gogo plot. I mean, just amazing stuff, but the Raymond Daniels seven twenty and then the knockout that was everywhere. Those on like every major outlets social media count, incredible stuff. I reached out the Raymond. He's actually in the air as we are speaking right now. So hopefully, we'll get to talk to him in the future because that was amazing. And that was his first professional may victory. His. His second. Pro Emily fight is I was eleven years ago in strikeforce. I was there for that. He got submitted by Jeremiah Metcalf took a break went back to kick boxing. Now. He's back and he's hitting seven twenty knockouts. Holy smokes. That was amazing. And yes, I was going to say something. But then I heard her say, no, no, no. I'm not gonna say anything only like three people know exactly what we're talking. Yes. Can I say that I was gonna put her over? Okay. Someone in the it's not that big a deal. Someone in the back knows Raymond Daniels friends with Sade he's going to Singapore to corner sage this week. So I know for even talked him on on on Monday of next week. But anyhow go see that knockout, if you have an one less thing, courtesy, my friends cannot Carson do he just tweeted me this John Jones has responded to Daniel cornea. But it's not loading on my screen. Come on. Are you kidding me? It's actually what is happening. Like the picked. Oh there. It is. So ESPN MMA tweeted the quote from DC earlier today talking about John and John Jones on Instagram. Replies. Somebody tell that man to just stop all ready with crying emoji than laughing emoji. John Jones, very quick on the social media. He'll always respond, John. If you're out there if you wanna come on the show next week. We'll talk about it all we'll figure this out. Now, though, we are at a time..

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