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Mask mandates will be lifted July the first We have adjusted our masked policy to match the CDC recommendation. So now in Michigan, fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask. Outdoors or indoors unless required by their work or business, The governor said. More remains to be done when it comes to vaccinations, and she encouraged everyone to get a covert shot. As of this morning, only 56% of the adult population in Michigan has taken the covert vaccine. No by a woman was found murdered in her bathroom and the husband is in custody Tongue. Every shard 59 was found dead by Oakland County Sheriff's deputies with slashes to her neck. They were called for a welfare check when she didn't show up for work. The shard was a long time administrator for the No by schools. Her 61 year old husband is to be arraigned. Weekly jobs Claims report is out, and it's a little peek it Fox Business Network. Cheryl CAS own reports. The expectation was a gate of 450,000 initial claims We came in at 444,000. This is the week of May 15th for continuing this is the weekend in May 8th we're looking for 3.64. This came in a tiny bit harder than expected. Not by much. 3.751. I also want to give you the Philly fed number. This is eastern Pennsylvania. This is South Jersey. Delaware Manufacturing. We were looking for 43. This came in weaker than expected for manufacturing activity in that region. 31.5 that Cheryl Crow zone of the Fox Business Network reporting Carlos going. The fugitive former Nissan chairman has been ordered by a Dutch court to repay his $5 million euro salary to an alliance of Nissan and Mitsubishi, and they rejected his claim for millions of dollars of compensation for wrong termination. The court rejected goings claim, ruling that he didn't have a valid contract with the company. At the time, Nissan decided to fire going for financial misconduct in Japan, but former high flying car executives skipped bail in Tokyo and fled to his native Lebanon smuggled out inside a cargo box aboard a jetliner. The Lake Korean Flower in Art Fair returns to the area starting tomorrow, Julie Law publicist says it's located in downtown like Korean May, 21st and 22nd. We are gonna have a variety of flower vendors. Plans. Artisans are kissed. Okay, the home decor ideas. Fear garden music, all kinds of fun stuff. There's even a petting farm for the kids. The fare is these 20th year it's been operating and it's open tomorrow. 11 A.m. delay PM and Saturday nine A.m. to eight P.m.. Largest iceberg in history, has broken off Antarctica and has floating in the ocean. The Berg is called a 76 and is three times the size of Los Angeles. And it's 1667 square miles in February and other iceberg broke off an ice shelf in Antarctica, and it was larger than New York City. Wall Street today, Stocks were in the green. The Dow was up 188. P s and P A. Had 43 camera go Ski wjr news back to Mitch album after this. Hello, everyone. I'm Chef and I'm Mark And where the friendly board certified entomologist from Rose past solutions, You know, ship When it comes to pest management, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yeah, it seems like people only think of us once they've spotted a past and by then it could very well get out of control and be expensive. Retreat. That's where our free home assessments come in. We'll look for signs of pests and identify conditions that are conducive to unwanted visitors. After identifying those conducive conditions, our team.

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