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Nine. A new strike force to commit crimes, including drug trafficking for the organized crime drug enforcement task force announced by deputy, attorney general rod Rosenstein, and Cleveland. There is a Memphis will include violent crime, particularly gang violence, retaliatory shootings, carjackings and commercial robbery and all drug trafficking including particularly opioid. Task course, includes federal prosecutors DA FBI ATF and others finally laid to rest, a symbol of the gay rights movement whose family says they were reluctant to bury worried that the gravesite would be desecrated. Matthew Shepard was twenty one years old when he was brutally murdered Lord into a car near his college campus in Wyoming by two men who then beat him and tied shepherd to offense his murder became a catalyst for the fight against violence targeting. The LGBT community on Friday as surveys at the Washington National cathedral to honor shepherd twenty years after his death. Emily row. ABC news, Washington. If you've been wondering says ABC's TJ homes back in two thousand fifteen Powerball changed. The odds of winning from one in one hundred and seventy five million to one in two hundred and ninety two million and last year mega millions followed suit decreasing the odds from one in two hundred and fifty nine million to one in three hundred and two million the longer odds mean jackpots get bigger, this is ABC news. Komo news time seven oh. Four and triple A traffic every ten minutes on the fours who's Tama Fulton in Bellevue and earlier crash on northbound four zero five.

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