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On twitter instagram as well at nick s. u. s. h. o. h. And i love cashews and a rhymes with with cash. So i really can't wait to hear from nick in a second here but got to tell you i about the four fantastic as we've got coming up today on just wonderful wednesday my pal pete prisco from cbs. Sports joins us at the end of this hour to talk about a very busy wednesday in the national football league. Teddy bridgewater the starter in denver. Trevor lawrence the starter in jacksonville. We'll talk about all the betting impacts of those moves today in the national football league. Jeff sherman the great jeff sherman of the west gate super book joins us to talk about that as well. We'll do a little nba with jeff and gets used to bet college football. We zero on saturday week. One next saturday drew denic the whale capper. Nbc sports edge. Our number three. I'm betting the national football league. This season jeff. Heinberg of f. t. n. Our number three betting the w championship this weekend. In the world of golf plus. You know we're to get into teddy. You know we're going to get into trevor lawrence. We also better trade in the national football league. Sony michelle on the way from new england to los angeles to play for. The rams will talk about any betting impacts there might be and fantasy impact. Sony michelle heading to hollywood to play for los angeles are knox. Might be incredibly boring. But the dallas cowboys are they an exciting futures to make year in the nfc east. Nick and i are going to discuss that a little later. My guy nick asks you. He's got nba nuggets mba knowledge. Coming your way. Some of his favourite futures bets for the upcoming nba season can't wait to highlight nick in that segment find out some of his favourite. Nba futures plays power. Of course is the final hour. All our bets for tonight major league baseball. And we're going to give you golf vets for the bmw championship this weekend. Locked and loaded here on this wonderful wednesday on bet q. L. here on you better..

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